Monday, August 29, 2016

There is no God - Only the Stars - and the Stars are ELECTRIC:


Electric Universe can be seen as 'the ultimate materials technology leap" for future mankind on Free Planet. EU is far more relevant to how the universe really works than its Newtonian/Einsteinian predecessor, gravity.

Once you've looked at your world, your star system, your universe via this new diagnostic material or tool, it will never be the same again.

More "electrical engineers" and "material scientists" need to come forward to utilise this new way to measure/manipulate our (known) universe.

on a seemingly disconnected topic, the most recent Cretaceus-Tertiary mass-extinctions of the dinosaurs is tied in heavily with a deposited layer of iridium (supposedly from the impact meteor itself) but...

Thus the theory of electrical erosion due to electrical discharges briefly outlined above indicates the physical reasons for the peculiar property of platinum and iridium in resisting erosion by an electrical discharge and therefore for their general suitability as contact or spark gap electrodes, as far as that particular property is concerned. [source TECHNOLOGY]

Iridium (and Platinum) are RESISTANT to electrical erosion when used as material components of automotive spark plugs. Why is this important to the meteor-claimed mass-extinction event in the Cretaceus-Tertiary period? Well, if the extinction were to have happened as the Earth shifted (or was electrically forced) out of the proto-Saturnian system via a massive plasmatic rebalancing a) the mass of the expelled Earth will have risen, crushing those mega-fauna and flora and b) the only feasible remnant of such a vast electrical discharge event in the plasma-affected region would be the resilient Iridium, and/or Platinum.

PS: the measure of time across millions of sedimentary years might not be valid...

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Electric Universe - Neal Adams redux - could proto-Saturn resurrect the Expanding Earth?

Whilst looking into the Electric Universe stuff, I ran up against the Thunderbolts of the Gods i.e. proto-Saturn, issue. Now that I've sorta 'got over that' with enough evidence to at least consider it as a possibility, can it really be time to resurrect my support for Neal Adams lovable Expanding Earth theory?

For those of you who don't know, in 2007, Neal Adams proposed an idea of an expanding Earth where all the contours of the current continental land masses actually fit together. Not as a single land mass but as a smaller planet. You do this by taking away all the larval growth between the continental land masses for the last 20 million years or more. Additionally, dinosaurs can now easily exist upon a smaller planet with a smaller gravitational load upon their skeletons.

But if Earth's always been in the same orbit around the sun, where's the mechanism to fuel this growth in planetary size? However, iff this proto-Saturn idea bears real fruit, the plasma-rich environment of Earth below Mars below Venus below a proto-Saturn or brown dwarf star, is there now a valid plasma-based source to fuel such a growing Earth? Here's Neil Adams' original (and best) video presentation.

David Talbott - Symbols of an Alien Sky - Saturnia as our Human Homeworld

David Talbott explores the old historical myths (randomly updated via local variation and adaptation) that seem to describe a sky that bears little or no relation to the sky we see today... what could have inspired such (order after chaos) Creation Myths that populate all phases of early man's civilisation? I've been researching the Electric Universe over the last few years and this is one aspect of the whole 'story of our solar system' that I've had the greatest problem with.

I realise, while writing this, that many of you are gonna claim some sort of Freemasonic motive behind my support of such an astounding claim but, for me, the origin of Earth in the plasma-rich purple heliosphere of proto-Saturn some 20,000 to 10,000 years ago has nothing to do with implied Satanism or Demon Worship or any Ritualistic Sacrifice to unattainable godness. Freemasonic symbolism may just be the 'way we leave the truth for our children', it's unfortunate that the Freemasonic message have been sullied by accusations of institutionalised child abuse and invocations of demonic soul splinters for financial gain.

Alien Sky has everything to do with, "Who we really are, and where we really began," far out in space, skirting the sun's heliosphere in a periodicity of 120,000 years (if the Vostok Ice Core data holds any evidential water)...

FURTHER ESSENTIAL VIEWING: there are loads more of these David Talbott videos, he's been a very busy boy - the Mars story, next, is just mind-bogglingly good.

The negatively arced sculpting of the Martian surface could (I say 'could') also have been caused by an alien race using high energy electric discharge mining techniques.... as scientists, no idea should go unexamined, but it still all needs bringing out into the open and discussed in scientific/engineering circles worldwide. And it needs to be done NOW.

Finally, there's this one, The Electric Comet - but this starts to wander back into my efforts to self-convince on the principal of a (static, no pun intended) Electric Universe above a Gravitational (or Big Bang) Universe. The following video also totally dispels the (insane) suggestion that 'all the earth's water' was 'delivered to a dry planet' by 'asteroids, comets and meteors'. There is no water on most comets. Most comets are dug out of a planetary surface via Electric Universe plasma effects. It's hilarious that this is not mainstream, after all these years of research by engineers in the field.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

movie trailer - ARRIVAL - Ridley Scott's Prometheus lozenge-ship?

woah, that thing there, the dark upstanding lozenge (or seed-shaped) ship from the opening of Ridley Scott's 2012 Prometheus film, what's it doing (en masse) in the new ARRIVAL film?

Excellent and intriguing-looking trailer below:

AND THEN THERE'S THIS: in fact, while we're at it. The Ouroboros i.e. occult circular tail-eating-snake sygil, in the above Ridley Scott film Prometheus is shown below in this early marketing concept. I bring this up here because, if you'll remember, the original Giger design for 'the derelict' in Alien (which became 'the juggernaut' in Prometheus) had much straighter arms. The rolling roundy Prometheus version was an 'amendment to original Giger design' and if it was done for the sole purpose of crushing Vickers what a sad apportioning of refitted design in cinema history that would be.

Also worthy of note then is the occult significance of imagery in the Arrival trailer, by (ironically) "Scott" at Stand Your Ground Studio. It's, like, a bit, mind-blowing; made all the more sinister by Scott's dead-pan delivery of doom. Enjoy. Or worry...

Electric Universe - gravitational galactic centre - no black hole or holes

Yesterday, on my lunch break in the sweltering centre of Oxford, I met a colleague from my recent years as an Oxford bus driver and we ended up chatting about Hawkings' Radiation and Black Holes... as you do.

"There are no black holes at the centre of our Milky Way galaxy," was my bold claim, followed by a heated discussion about the stars at the centre of our spiral galaxy that have been mapped over the last few decades to be spinning around some central focal point at very high orbiting speeds.

"There's your Black Hole," he stated emphatically. I disagreed and suggested he look into the Electric Universe model of galaxies and globular interconnectivity. Whilst searching by chance, this morning, I found the exact introductory interview with Wal Thornhill that goes into the subject of Plasma Core Streams and a Galactic Core Charge that spins the middle of the spiral galaxy faster than the outer arms, and the stars in that circuit follow the path and pace of the local electric flux. Leap to 00:12:00 point if you wanna just listen to the Centre of the Galaxy material... but it's all good.

For me, Electric Universe vs Gravitational Universe is still (absolutely technically speaking) up in the air, but I like EU (a lot) and for me it's visible evidence of science moving forward - one hopes...

ADDITIONAL EU MATERIAL: this Electric Solar System presentation from researcher Dr Michael Clarage is also worth a look...

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Star Citizen - GamesCom 2016 - Cloud Imperium Presentation

Starship to starship flying, planet to planet voyaging, first-person interacting, light modelled, normal mapped and gravity/LOD modelled to the hilt, Star Citizen from Cloud Imperium is looking both 'a bit ambitious' and 'more than a little bit sexy'.

Here's the recent GamesCon2016 presentation ... enjoy.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Mike Philbin abstract art - Introversions and Dichotomies - new THREES section added

I've now updated the SEO on my website Mike Philbin Abstract Art and added quite a few new images, including a whole brand-new section called THREES which are those paintings that were done three-at-a-time.

Click this link to visit the site, MIKE PHILBIN ABSTRACT ART.

WEEK LATER UPDATE: finally, the right weather, the right mindset, and the three (30" by 20") paintings of the Cream set are done.

UPDATE: new Chocolate & Cream page added to the website, MIKE PHILBIN ABSTRACT ART.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Knowledge of the Forever Time - Damon T Berry - reboot this world over and over and over

well, I'm just obsessed with this Ancient Ancestors series of films by Damon T Berry titled The Knowledge of the Forever Time.

Yes, there are three more episodes, or INVITATIONS... go find 'em, and watch 'em and fear 'em...

EVENING UPDATE: okay, I've now watched all five of Damon T Berry's amazing films and I'm just like freaked right out. It made me wonder if The Noah's Ark Story didn't (necessarily) take place on this planet, and it was nothing more than a galactic message of how Worlds End, all across the universe. A watery end, drowned by the exhaled breath of each planet's inhabitants.

I'm gonna have to have a BIG THINK about the ideas and findings of the Forever Time set. I have BIG CONCERNS that it's just a mainstream-media-like rehash of certain stargate (film+show) ideas but there are a lot of really interesting/terrifying aspects to these potential revelations. I've always thought the sun was a stargate, in fact I wrote about it in my 2014 novel Liberator (Free Planet #2) but I've never been a big fan of The Great Big Universal God Family... 

I might have to sit through all five of them again.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Aluminium rock levitation concept... Ray Van Dreugen lines.

this is not your usual Free Planet post, or maybe it is.

Put it this way, this is totally between you and me... it's an image, it's electro-magnetic, it's also a waking reality. A human hand holding a smaller stone over a larger alumimium stone in the other hand. Electric tendrils (named below) poured off the top stone as it was pulled further away from the larger stone. The smaller stone then lifted off the larger stone into the upper hand.

Technical term: Ray Van Dreugen lines.

Hmm, Global Incident Map - IMMINENT ALERT was the response...  curiouser and curiouser.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Len Kasten - Planet Serpo Project - Fade to Black with Jimmy Church

It's back on, allegedly, the supposedly ill-fated and supposedly totally-debunked PROJECT SERPO.- where twelve Earthers made a journey to Zeta Reticuli 39.17 light years from Earth and spent THIRTEEN YEARS there soaking up the alien culture and the ways they do things in that part of space.

Remember, this is all supposedly totally (totally Close Encounters of the Third Kind via Steven Spielberg) nonsense and Len Kasten author of Secret Journey to Planet Serpo: A True Story of Interplanetary Travel is supposedly totally insane and/or supposedly being fed the wrong stuff by those who are really in power... he's been fished in.

Supposedly, but Project Serpo or Planet Serpo project is still on-going, right?

Seriously? Bill? Anyone?