Thursday, June 30, 2016

abstract artist - Puran Khadka - Wholeness

enough of all this politics, what a Free Planet needs is more contemplative philosophers aka artists. One of the most stylistically tenacious I've stumbled across accidentally whilst grazing is 35-year professional abstract artist Puran Khandka who uses four colours in his work.

Red. Grey. Black. White. And while this offers a Mondrian-like machine-metric to the emotio-visual experience for both artist and viewer, the inclusion of a solitary brown Line through his work illustrates the 'intrusion of the real' into the realm of the fantastical or desirable or imagined...

Neera Joshi of Park Gallery confirms Khadka had some hitches along the way. “I’m so proud to have Puran’s work here,” she tells us. “I remember when I first saw his abstract paintings in his studio at the Nepal Academy of Fine Arts, he was struggling.” [source NEPAL TIMES]

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Farage and Watson - double teaming the BREXIT issue

it'll happen soon, people, just be patient

UKIP Leader and British Representative Abroad, Nigel Farage, does what he does very well. And one must accept that he's got the backing of The Queen in his prestigious expenses-paid European role. You know he was the mischievous kid at the back of the class with all the intricate questions for his hapless tutors.

Personally, I love a) the look on the face of the woman in seat 122 and b) the way The (still leaderless) UK Conservative Party appear to have NO BUDGETARY PLAN ... the Bank of England has a plan and they announced it the day after the BrExit vote.

WATSON & MOLYNEUX: meanwhile, here's some fresh journalistic perspective on the subject of Great Britain rejecting the Corporate European Union mandate... thanks to Paul Joseph Watson and Stefan Molyneux for telling it like (they think) it is.

So, the pound (sterling) adjusted itself down to a more attractive value against the dollar and the euro, and the initial rash of stock market jitters abated such that FTSE's once again above 6,200 where it was just before the referendum result came in.

Let's just forget about re-vote and get on with Issue One, "The UK's status in a Global Marketplace."

Sunday, June 26, 2016

ART WORLD ORDER - Mike Philbin art - 40x80cm Introversions paintings

colour template for the six 40x80cm paintings below

I M A G I N E ,   A   F R E E   P L A N E T  O F   A R T I S T S

what if that's the reality (or supposed reality) of our function upon this (should be) Free Planet... to be Artists. Actual do-ers of things artistic.

All seven billion of us: not workers, not corporate whores at the capitalist gang-bang, not assets in a cold dark war of profit and patent and constitution-busting non-disclosure prototypical cloak-n-dagger...

JUST ARTISTS, in a world of Creativity, Passion and Kinship.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

BRexit = CAMexit = Free'r Planet, starting with UK?

So, Cameron's gone... but the Conservatives still occupy the seat of power in this island nation.

One imagines (with such a prominent resignation) there might be a return to the situation where Voted Politicians must acquiesce to the Total Will of their Constituents but what's the evidence?
Such a swift departure, could it really manifest a situation where Our Public Servants actually petition the Parliament of The People with Our Real Concerns i.e. let's end this crippling and prejudicial MP2 or Modern Personality-based Politics.

Of course, there's still the chance that BREXIT was a Bilderberg-instigated move on the so-called Global Chess Board... Let's see if Switzerland and their Bankers make Britain and its Bankers the most important global offshore ever!

D Trump and B Johnson for the ultimate(ly cynical and dangerous) Trans-Atlantic Partnership post EU?

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Truth Frequency Radio - Susan Lindauer - Hillary’s Heist And Other Thefts...

this just in from TRUTH FREQUENCY RADIO, Lindauer and the Clintons...

Today, Susan Lindauer discloses scandalous and explosive information of the theft of Trillions of Dollars from the American people. Susan has uncovered extraordinary heists of funds from the American coffers. Susan details how the thefts happened and even went into the history of how micro siphoning of electronic transactions were completed. She also covers how the debt we have as a nation is because of the thefts by those associated with the Military Industrial Complex! [source TFR]

SUSAN LINDAUER ON TRUTH FREQUENCY AUDIO INTERVIEW -- click here to listen. There's a recorded audio file at the foot of the following page, it gets going after about five or six minutes. Big news. Big consequences.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

"Jesus Christ" - Origin of Christianity - The Piso Flavian Dynasty from AD 73

First, we covered Alan Wilson's Two Real British King Arthurs.

Then, we covered Ralph Ellis's King Jesus of Edessa, last of the Eygptian Pharoahs.

Now, (and I thought I'd already covered this issue a couple years ago but it's not on this blog now, so let's rake up old trodden earth once more), the following video The Piso-Flavian Dynasty states that AD 73 Titus Flavius was written into the New Testament as the prophecied Second Coming, as predicted by the written-in AD 33 Jesus or Iessus or Issa or Sirius or Pagan Green Man or whatever...

So, the New Testament was a Judaism-light gizmo that introduced a fake-Jesus to prophecy the coming second Christ i.e. Titus Flavius. The really interesting question is, "Why is the Bible?" a.k.a. the basis of this so-called Western Faith, "Why is the Bible ALL ABOUT ANCIENT EGYPT?" and it refers back to the Roman-written Christ story in many ways, including the date of Xmas and Santa and Ho-ho-ho...
Is this more about maths and stars than it is about magic and miracles?

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Disney - Moana - sneak peek trailer...

"Hmm, here we go again Conspiracy Nutcases," this time Disney brazenly dish up a Pacific Ocean-faring Transmutative-shamanism Biblical-exodus Celtic-spiral Water-spirit storyline based on THE REAL ABORIGINAL PEOPLE who seem to have influenced the architectural design and megalithic construction of 'the entire Earth' in a time before Noah's Flood.

"Shut up, Mike, it's just a f***ing kids' film," oh, yeah, sorry, me and my stupid mouth/fingers...

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Hideo Kojima - E3 Sony Conference 2016 - Death Stranding

looking as youthful as ever, creator/director of the Metal Gear Solid franchise, Hideo Kojima brought THIS STRANGE BUT BEAUTIFUL THING to E3, his first game since leaving Konami in December of 2015.

"It's running in realtime on PS4," Kojima-san happily announced to the stunned conference attendees...

       this version has decent resolution options, unlike the earlier one I posted

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Ralph Ellis - The Other Christianity - Precessional Astronomy in the Ancient Neolithic Mindset

throughout his radical writing (history-rewriting) history and certainly in his latest book THE GRAIL CYPHER, author/researcher Ralph Ellis contends that 'the stories of the Bible/Koran' are Druid-like i.e. Old-Testament memory-maps for the ancient art of Precessional Astronomy.

Seriously, it's looking very much like these ancient stories are recording the passing of the Great (K)nights of the Great Months of the Great Precessional Year. The real highlight of this four-video set is the interaction of Ellis and Tsarion, both of whom have come to similar conclusions from very different research directions. I'd love to see Ellis and (Two Arthurs' Khumric investigator) Alan Wilson bashing their heads together over this whole issue in a similar fashion.

Anyway, Ellis also contends that...

• The history of King Arthur was modelled upon the life of Jesus.
• Jesus-Arthur had 12 disciple-knights of Round (Last Supper) Table.
• The son of Jesus was the king of Palmyra in Syria (now destroyed by CIA-sis).

For me, this still doesn't explain how/why the Roman-story of "Christian Jesus" was written as a marketing spiel for what became a global religion. If the so-called King of Edessa (Syria) i.e. King Iessus, has already been gotten rid of via the AD 70 Jewish (Aramaic) Revolt that he led, why bother scripting the 'fake' Jesus AD 32 story in the first place? Why not just 'forget it'? Surely, the Vatican must have more 'secret' files on this tetchy issue. Has Ellis seen them, perhaps?

"Release the fucking files, Pilote," Bill Hicks 1992-3.

ST SAUL-JOSEPHUS CATHEDRAL: so, after another few strolls around the internet, I came across this video interview of Ralph Ellis over at Capricorn TV. In AD 70, post the Jewish revolt in Palestine, Vespasian says to his propaganda minister Saul-Josephus, "Give me a simplifies form of Judaism that's Rome-friendly."

Paul > Saul > Josephus? Should we start to rename all the St Paul monuments in City of London and City of Rome etc as St Saul-Josephus? Around the world? Would this help sheoplezzz understand where their historical reality was shifted by 40 years into the mythical past i.e. as the Jesus story?

Mike Philbin - INTROVERSIONS paintings - five new 60cm x 40cm canvases

On a theme of Five Holst Planets, here are the most recent paintings in the INTROVERSIONS series... they're re-paints of earlier paintings I just wasn't happy with.