Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Water Planet - Water People - Water Universe?

...more and more, that's what I think we are, not dust, but


nothing more nothing less, and that's a good thing.

I mean, obviously, there's a real advantage being a living part of a Water Planet.

Have you never thought about why you're here? 

You're here because the Water Planet wants it. You're here because the Water Planet needs it. You're here because you have an integral role to play in the running of this Water Planet.

I don't even know what that role is, so don't ask me. I just know. Know. That this world being made of water and our being made of water is no coincidence. We are made for each other. We are one and the same being. I have no idea what the interface might be or how we activate this connection.

Maybe the planet stores dreams for us.
Maybe we help this planet to dream.
Maybe we talk to the stars through our connection with this world.

All that, in a drop of water floating in space?

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Onion - Deadly Super Rainbow Tears Through West Coast - a rainbow looking for its stolen gold?

in this neck of the woods i.e. Free Planet, is a big fan of 'the ability to tell it like it is' through SATIRE.

Here's a new one (and destined to be a classic) from The Onion News Network: Dozens in California are killed after a powerful Super Rainbow burns a trail of destruction across the state.

"Or is this merely a rainbow looking for its stolen gold?" Jesus Christ AD 12.

Long live the power pyramid - death to Free Planet - War World rules you scurvy dogs

It seems that nothing is able to bring HUMANITY (the slave race of a ruling hierarchy) back from the brink.
You've proven, time and time again, that a FREE PLANET of Creativity, Passion and Kinship just doesn't interest you. At all. Long live the power pyramid that crushes you because of your own ignorance. You won't be remembered when you're ERASED IN THE NAME OF PROFIT.
This will most likely be a WAR WORLD until the end of time.
"You know, you're dead for a lot longer than you're alive."

Friday, July 18, 2014

Peraves - solar powered monotracer - any time soon?

me, I'm a big fan of aerodynamic design, I'm a big fan of using the sun to power tech, I'm a big fan of the all-electric version of Peraves monotracer ... what I was wondering is, "Will Peraves ever bring out a Solar Powered version of their e-tracer, covered in these lovely light-weight solar discs?"

I realise Peraves could come back with the 'it recharges in less than two hours' argument, but a solar-powered monotracer is worth bringing up, no?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Guardian - Edward Snowden urges professionals to encrypt client communications - video interview

The Guardian's Alan Rusbridger gets another Snowden scoop by interviewing him in Moscow - man, this is just like The Real Spy Game or some other book written by Robert Ludlum twenty years before its time.
The NSA whistleblower, Edward Snowden, has urged lawyers, journalists, doctors, accountants, priests and others with a duty to protect confidentiality to upgrade security in the wake of the spy surveillance revelations.

Snowden said professionals were failing in their obligations to their clients, sources, patients and parishioners in what he described as a new and challenging world.

"What last year's revelations showed us was irrefutable evidence that unencrypted communications on the internet are no longer safe. Any communications should be encrypted by default," he said. [source GUARDIAN]

clicking this image plays the interview

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Journey of Man - Out of Africa - the Pacific Cataclysm?

this very interesting documentary tells the story of the San Bushmen of Namibia in southwest Africa who (this documentary's host, and author) Spencer Wells says fathered the majority of Modern Human Races.

So, it seems that the journey Out Of Africa was merely African hunter-gatherers FOLLOWING THE MIGRATING HERDS as they headed northeast away from African drought into what was to become Europe/Asia.

But is there an UNTOLD STORY here?

That is the story of the Pacific Cataclysm, directly across the globe from Africa, the home land of man. 23 million years ago apes started to become Humans.

9-23 million years ago, takes us back to the formation of a fractured Pacific basin, like SOMETHING ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE hit and had severe consequences for Earth.

STUNNING REVELATION MOMENT: Australia may not be of this Earth, it may have 'arrived' 9-23 million years ago in the Pacific Cataclysm.

Of course, this concept is totally insane. I don't like saying, "Australia may not be of this Earth," but it does stand out from its neighbour Asia. But this might only be because it slipped northwards, filling in the gap left by some other foreign body hitting Earth and fracturing the Pacific basin. If you look at the more regular crustal expansion, say in the Atlantic and around Africa/Russia the pattern is consistent. The Pacific basin is fractured, and it looks like between 9 million and 23 million years ago something did this to Earth. You'll notice VERY OLD rocks in the Atlantic basin directly opposite the event marker. In fact, this deep blue rock age shows perfectly the trajectory of whatever hit the Earth.

For me, even though it might not have been Australia, SOMETHING hit the Earth around the 9-23 million years ago point (though I have no proof that it wasn't more recent) and it left its radial target entry point, too. The dark blue bullseye, if you will. Hell, the Ring of Fire around the Pacific ocean even looks like something massive hit, there's a BIG HOLE in the plate-tectonic history of this planet.

the Pacific Cataclysm might be as recent as 70,000 years ago

is it possible that another Pacific landmass-based earlier version of 'modern man' was eradicated by this Pacific cataclysm some 23 million years ago?

Monday, July 14, 2014

Francis Pryor - Channel 4 - Britain B.C.

I realise this short Channel 4 series by Time Team's ex-sheep farmer, pre-historian and archaeologist Francis Pryor titled Britain B.C. might be presented in a populist fashion but I like Francis, he's easy on the ear and I like his personality, his enthusiasm and zeal.

Plus, he disses the Roman Empire, and I'm always gonna support 'dissing Empires'. All Empires fail, and are only about making your slave-life Hell in the name of Economy, Prosperity and Cities.

Echoing my own Free Planet thoughts, Tim Shadla-Hall explains in the first part that ancient Britons were, "...people adopting the principle of least effort. They're intelligent like us, they do no more than they need to. They kept their populations levels low enough..." KEY POINT. Low enough. Yes, I'm of the opinion that 'there are too many of us humans' for the Limited Resource that is a FIXED-SIZE planet to sustain us AND ALL THE OTHER LIFE FORMS this planet can sustain. Modern Economies are built on the principle of limited choice i.e. manufacturing.

"And so the population was gradually led into the demoralising temptations of arcades, baths and sumptuous banquets. The unsuspecting Britons spoke of such novelties as civilisation when in fact they were features of their enslavement," Tacitus understood the situation well.

Would you like more fries with that?

HEARTHS, CIRCLES, BURIAL MOUNDS: okay, so it's a couple of hours later and the content of that two-parter are starting to rub up against each other and jar in my head. I'm a little confused, is what I'm trying to say. I 'understood' that these monuments were astrological calendars but this is not exclusively so:

    it sounds like 'one interpretation' of how a Stone Circle grows is that a 'hearth' of an old (king's?) roundhouse goes cold, the roof and walls crumble and the foundation circle is used as a guide for imported standing stones.
    as happened at Stonehenge, outer stones in the circle (namely the blue stones) made their way from an earlier (outer) position to a more homely or internal position within the monument.
    these magnificent stone circles were sometimes 'butchered' and some of the outer stones eventually became the New Home of the dead which were then covered over by a burial mound.
Right, but then where does the 'living' wood henge with a processional way via water to a stone henge of the 'dead' fit into this scheme?

It seems (obviously) that, despite the enormity of the stones, Neolithic man considered them 'mobile'. The bluestones of Stonehenge for example are Welsh, and have been either quarried in or removed from a Welsh site down to Stonehenge. As has happened elsewhere, the stones are impermanent, alive.

And the stones that were moved into the centre of the circle representing The Members of the Family. I really like this, that you could visit a circle and go up to the stone named Uncle Frank, and it would be his, it would be him. Then what are the FIVE trilithon or topped sarsen-units of inner Stonehenge? Are these family-stone units? Five families? Then what are the ring of lintel'd sarsens all around, the family of man? Or the tribes of the region? Tribes of Europe?

And (back to the original design) what of these stoneless 'safe zones' between ring-fenced farmer-land where special meetings used to take place. These became formalised into great proto-hill fort spaces where wider clans gathered to do 'whatever they did'. Notice the four entrances on many of them, as there are four entrances to Avebury, also in Wiltshire, where a series of stone circles then grew.

It also sounds like 'spirit' or 'soul' or 'the continuing cycle of death and rebirth' seems to have come from the concept of plants i.e. farming, and how 'seemingly dead things' like the crop seeds can miraculously grow into wheat and corn and barley and trees. Spiritualism then is a response to a change of culture from Hunter-gatherer to Landed-farmer?

    is that the answer? Stonehenge was part of the life-death processional-way version of existence where life is shepherded through the phases and celebrated at both ends. Maybe Stonehenge originated from a Great Neolithic King's roundhouse foundation and the hearth had become the centre of the encroaching stone monument until...  but then it was never capped. It never achieved its Burial Mound status. Instead, all around Stonehenge more private or smaller burial mounds grew, dotting the Wiltshire landscape.

My real question is, "Was Stonehenge designed to UNIFY Wiltshire with its farm-trading neighbours across Europe (these Bell Beaker people maybe?) and something (some dispute or change of heart/mind?) happened such that an enormous burial mound never came to fruition?" There were people involved in the Stonehenge story who hail from as far away as the Swiss Alps. Travellers, trader people, technologists, or maybe just imported signs of an outward mentality.

There was a suggestion that the 'archer' found at Stonehenge wasn't an archer at all but but a stone axe-wielding Sentinel of the monument who was KILLED by an imported (foreign) archer who then took up his role of axe-wielding Sentinel. That there was some ritualistic or sport element to the security/function of the circle. Custodians implies protecting something from some one or some thing.

I haven't even started to consider how Stonehenge may be connected to similar sites like Carnac in France, or which may have influenced or help evolve which. Maybe stone circles are as varied as the regional accents or local mindsets of their creators? Oh, too many questions, still... which is good. :)

art - Craig Davison - childhood heroes

Craig Davison was born in Sheffield in 1965 and has enjoyed drawing for as long as he can remember. Art was his favourite subject at school but he took it no further. In the late 80’s he managed to get a job as a cartoonist, working on pre-school comics. He drew comic strips of a variety of characters including The Shoe People, The Wombles, Huxley Pig and Bangers and Mash.

This guy's a real artist.

Forget illness - Forget wars - PROFIT is the real Cancer

at the start of 2014 I deleted all the Free Planet posts thus far. They were mostly but not exclusively "someone else's conspiracy news", so sources were debatable at the very least, this being a classical NTK or Need To Know intelligence game waged against You The People i.e. You The Worker i.e. You The Profit Slave.

Most of my own Free Planet thoughts made their way into The Research Notes of Miss Asalah Al Faghori, in preparation of the publication of the Custodian (free planet #1) novel, a fictional owl character in that book about Custodian Liberation.

But this profit is the real cancer issue needs re-airing, and thanks to places like Paperblog and Before It's News (among others) the content of this blog is archived all over the net so will never really be killed, not even by me its angry parent.

Forget illness, forget wars, forget terrorism, forget crime rate, forget mind-ravaging dogma, profit itself (the financial concept of "bottom line" and "investor premiums" that dictate how Economies control the masses) is the real crime, a crime against honest and compassionate humanity. And most of us are a) honest and b) compassionate. It's in our blood, in our genes, in the way our families work. But set one against the other in the pursuit of profit and all hell breaks loose.

1) you are a slave to this cancer of profit:
  • You never have time to be with your kids, your spouse, your family.
  • You are stuck in dead-end jobs that sucks the life force from your soul.
  • Empires/Corporations and their Tyrant Rulers, their Risk/Monopoly Game-players, are intent on keeping you dumbed down so that you won't see the cancerous growth metastasising.

2) your planet's a slave to this cancer of profit:
  • Country is an arbitrary ring-fence around a rolling spherical landscape.
  • Businesses rape and pillage Natural Resources and reclaim Natural Territory for no other purpose than to make more commercial shit.
  • Extinction of the Diversity on this (supposedly) Free Planet continues as a direct result of these ravenous profit-hunting entities.

GROWTH, yes that equates with our CANCER analogy quite snugly.
ECONOMY, that's how much TRUTH you're told.
TERMINAL, is what PROFIT is for not only the human race but also the planet.

Thousands of people need to live in destitution so that one billionaire can exist. You're living within a financial model with a fixed asset -- the planet ain't no bigger than it was last financial quarter -- what do you think the term "slice of the pie" means? One world. One size. One pie. Every fucking idiot riot dog (humiliated into) fighting for every single scrap of rancid profit - killing other attack dogs in the process of forgetting who they really are and what is their real place in this world. Eyes glazed over with blood lust. Slavering more with every cheap victory. Looking for their next target. 

Do you really want that kind of War World for your children's children when a Free Planet is there, waiting patiently for mankind to EVOLVE.  

Sunday, July 13, 2014

a spontaneous day out in Salisbury - Wessex archaeology museum - Old Sarum neolithic hill fort

couple of hours by train, from Oxford (change at Basingstoke), Salisbury was our 'spontaneous day out' selection, this weekend. We'd been before, but only to take the tour bus to Stonehenge and Avebury.

Upon arrival in Salisbury, like consummate tourists (or pilgrims of yore), the wife and I made our way directly to the Cathedral for a quick shuftie round. We wandered around the quadrangle and then inside, but it was mostly cordoned off by a First Communion Ceremony. For those who don't realise this, a Cathedral is a massive cemetery for the rich/patrons with a roof over it. Outside, a local bird fancier had aimed a telescope at the Cathedral tower where a pair of resident peregrine falcons were busy tearing a pigeon to bits to feed their nested young.

Luckily, the nearby Wessex Gallery of Archaeology was having a re-opening day - we didn't know this before setting out, so this was a lovely surprise. Of course, the 'druids' (in the form of deed-pole-renamed King Arthur Pendragon and his similarly attired High Priestess) were staging a silent protest outside the museum stating that English Heritage had gone back on a promise to re-inter the remains of the Neolithic Kings they had on display.

professor Alice Roberts at the re-opening

Normally, it's £8.00 to get in, but we all got in for free as it was the Re-Opening Day, and you could sorta see what the druid was protesting about. While it was interesting to see the four (or more) burials laid out under glass, there are easy ways to 'fake' such a display i.e. create a cast of accurate simulation of the sight, without have to have the actual bones there. One body adjacent to the displayed Amesbury Archer was very emotional for this blogger to witness - there was nothing special about it, it was a reconstruction of the burial site like all the others. I just picked up a very saddening vibe coming off it; like a Shame Vibe or a Lost Soul vibe.

There was a demonstration of ancient flint knapping from Time Team's Phil Harding (a local resident) as well as Norman falconry and combat and other aspects of life 1,000 years ago in the grounds at the back of the museum. At one point in the falconry demonstration, the kestrel had had enough and she fled, up into the sky, reluctant to return. We left at this point, after sampling some honey mead, with the female falconer trying desperately to lure her kestrel out of a nearby tree, the rapidly descending silhouette of Salisbury's resident peregrine buzzed the invading kestrel now and again.

In Salisbury town, before heading up towards Old Sarum, I noticed a local gallery showing art so I popped my head in. Licorice Allsorts by renowned illustrator Ken McKie stood out and I promised the gallery owner I'd blog about it. I was captivated by both the childlike nostalgia of the image and the professional oil rendering - you really have to see this painting in the flesh.

Licorice Allsorts by Ken McKie

Apart from the islands of northern Scotland, Ireland and some sites in Brittany, Wiltshire has some of the most impressive Neolithic monuments from this era. I'm becoming obsessed, I tell you, obsessed with this ancient period of modern man's history 4,000-2,000 BC here in Britain.

Old Sarum hill fort

Old Sarum's about a mile's walk north out of town and it's the original site of the old Norman kings and the place where the Cathedral used to sit. But it's the older Neolithic aspect of the site that interests this blogger. The people who came before the Anglo-Saxons, who came before the Romans, the beer-importing Beaker People and their ceremonial sites that are scattered all around this region. We picnic'd on Old Sarum, in the glorious sunshine, and chit-chatted with some locals who regularly come up here for the view and the tranquillity, and the parachute teams. I wouldn't mind living up on this hill, and one can see why Neolithic man would also have had chosen the same.

Beaker People movements

Lovely day, lovely weather, lovely company; thanks Mrs P.

SPONTANEITY UPDATE CONTINUES: day after the above... wife and I wandered into Oxford town just now to have a look at Anglo-Saxon king Alfred's Jewel in the Ashmolean Museum. I'd seen it before but I now wanted to tie it into other thoughts I was having... and there they were, two Anglo-Saxon re-enactors prowling the fourth floor of the Ashmolean where the trinkets of such an era are on display. They looked very authentic, these two chaps, chatting among themselves; wolf furs, leather satchels adorened in gold, sword for chopping.

"Shouldn't you pair be speaking in Anglo-Saxon?" I chanced a bit of historical levity, telling them my story of how I felt they'd just dropped out of History somehow to visit us in the future and tell us how their world really worked..

One of the pair then lumbered over and (of course) started Anglo-Saxoning at me, and the wife. Which was funny, Anglo-Saxon, with its ee-bah-gum and ehz-tha-bin's its thees and thous and thine shovel always reminds me of those mining dialects you get up north. At that point I started enjoying the things he was coming out with, his stories about this and that ornamentation, this and that old custom. I even hefted his replica sword, very nice it was too.

Now, the Bell Beaker People are either also Germanic (from Rhineland) or they're more from the Portugal, with all those "X" sounds in their language i.e. Proto-Celtic.