Thursday, October 08, 2015

Youqing (Eugene) Wang - IP3R - jelly and peanut butter

Free Planet's series of IP3R or Intimate Painterly Personalised Photo Realism continues with Canadian artist Youqing (Eugene) Wang's very special, inconic, emblematic and tasty-nosgtalgique Jelly & Peanut Butter paintings.

Jill Ann Whitney - coloured pen art - calming and therapeutic abstractions

Free Planet is putting corporate politics and institutionalised global terror aside for the moment and 'accentuating the positive' i.e. more and more posts are about Art, and Artists. As it should be on a Free Planet where there are pontentially SEVEN BILLION OF US all wanting to make this world a better place with our own personal expression.

A conscious return to Creativity, Passion and Kinship.

Today's feature is an artist by the name of Jill Ann Whitney who uses what looks like coloured felt-tip pens: the systematic application of the felt-tip pen colour blocks add a real texture to the tones used. While Whitney creates various styles of geometric-colour art, Free Planet is particularly taken by her more organic Cellular Modular Series as shown by the following three images. Lovely work.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Elena Katsyura - fine china and flowers - and lemon

as a creative individual or artist or writer or 'whatever it is I'm doing on this still-cooling rock orbiting this variable i.e. lethal to our existence, star', I still reall can't really say that I've FOUND MY MUSE.

You can't imagine how happy I was to stumble blindly across the muse-heavy art of Elena Katsyura from Chelyabinsk, Russia. These paintings are tiny (6" by 6") and intimate and so nostalgic and delicious and quaint and gimme gimme gimme. If I was a dedicated investor in 'real art', I'd snap up the whole catalogue of Elena's pure work. I'd do it today, no bull.

Monday, October 05, 2015

Pepe Lozano - Bic drawings - photorealistic biro art

at first glance these look like very competent oil paintings until you realise they've all been done with one of these: a Bic or Biro i.e. ballpoint pen, by Pepe Lozano of Cordoba Spain.

Sunday, October 04, 2015

Harald Haarman - The Balkans Civilisation - Tartaria Tablets 8,000 years old!

"If this is true, the Mesapotamians can no longer he heralded as the Cradle of Society," paraphrasing Haral Haarman, linguist and researcher who has found a lost civilisation in the Balkans i.e. Romania, with script and writing and clay tablets many thousands of years before the Sumerians even thought in such terms.

The Lost World Of Old Europe : The Danube Civilization - The First Writing - 5500 B.C #neolithic- Tartaria Tablets - Romania -Read more :
Posted by Old Europe on Saturday, 28 February 2015

This points to another regular Free Planet contention that 'mankind has been wiped out many times' by natural cataclysms - one of the major reasons why Free Planet condones 'preparedness and readiness to respond' to such. As a rule.

CYCLING TIMES NEWS: as well as my jogging, I also cycle to work where I drive most days from 3pm to midnight in a local Oxford business, and my time is something like 35-40 minutes, there or back. It's a time I can 'set my watch to'. LOL. Well, until last night... You know when the time is just right to break loose? The weather's just right? The atmosphere feels silky smooth? You're really up for it? TWENTY THREE MINUTES from depot to home. Okay, it was knackering, and it'll probably never happen again to this near-fifty year old, but it was fun. Do something fun today. It feels great!

Friday, October 02, 2015

Free Planet - Re-Wilded gallery of Manimals - your choice corporate slave


The seven.five.billion people of Free Planet are given a stark choice to select any animal form in which to plant their Human Soul. Remember, this is only done because no other solution will save humanity in its current incarnation on this delicate homeworld.

Which creation or Re-Wilded would you choose to live out the years of your natural human life span? Land dweller, air dweller, sea dweller, underground dweller, grazer or hunter; the choice is yours fellow Free Planeter.

NB: me, I'd choose Killer Whale aka Orca i.e. big harlequin dolphin, but I'd need a wet-suit, LOL. I'm hoping quite a few of the 7.5bil choose Squid so I don't go hungry. :)

EARTH IS TRANSFORMING 2: "It's something like the opposite of Anthropomorphise," that moment when we realise that we're sharing this beautiful (and unique until Contact happens) homeworld with NINETY BILLION LIVING FEELING HOPING SOULS: some of them are more furry or scaly or hairy or slimy than others...

But they're still our Free Planet family.

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Free Planet's Sunday morning Facebook meme-art set three

I've done a couple of these: 

Free Planet's Sunday morning Facebook meme-art set one
Free Planet's Sunday morning Facebook meme-art set two

this is the third one, and I've been a bit busy since the first two, and it's not even Sunday yet...

Free Planet finds Religion?

it's true, last night I put my hands together in prayer, and I prayed a PRAYER FOR LIBERATION.

I prayed for something like a massive asteroid or meteor or cometary impact that would slam into this ruined corporate scrapheap and CLEANSE THIS INSANE SHITHOLE of a world.

The G2F or Global Gaming Factions (of all flavour, even Free Planet) are too amoral, too up their own arse, to see or appreciate or empathise with the 'error of man's ways' and no solution, other than the one heartfelt prayed-for prayer of Celestial Liberation, will help revert this planet back to its natural state. Only a spectacular cataclysm of utter global rebootage will prep this homeworld for its return to the rightful status of Free Planet.

Bring on the Great Flood, again, oh Lord - Cleanse the Heinous Mess We've Allowed Man to Make - I beseach thee. In Jesus' name. In Allah's name. In the name of all the other thousands of invented mind-spirits, demons, demi-gods and Omniscients. Do it tonight, we're all (technically) asleep so we won't even feel a thing. Reboot this cheap B movie so that real worthwhile living can be done by the smattering of survivors.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Ginge, the ancient red haired gene, look at that European spread

(c) Ginge 2015

Everybody loves a ginge. I do. Hell, I wrote a (now out of print) novel about it in 1989 called Red Hedz. I'm fascinated, as you'all know, with the History of Ancient Briton and I've gone into excruciating detail in recent Free Planet posts about what I think I've found as pertains to all this so-called history.

Helen Moffat of ScotlandsDNA, herself a redhead, told CBS News: “Britain has the most numbers of redheads per capita in the world.  We’re really interested in finding out where it came from and why.  It’s something rooted in our history and we should be proud.” [source AITY]

Look, I've followed all sorts of radical threads involving two King Arthurs, ancient Basque origins and the Eternal Masculine vs Feminine Sun Battle i.e. Mono-maniacally abused Organised Religion that dominates how you think, who you're allowed to vote in and when you pay. But it always comes back to the ginges, here's a european map of G2D or Genetic Ginger Distribution; this itself is evidence of some sort of GMR or Ginger Master Race in our land. Notice the marked localisation of the ginger gene in the genetic ginge fortresses of Scotland, Wales and Ireland; the lands of our ancient ancestors.

There's an unwritten contention in this evidence that 'red haired' i.e. fairhaired or freckly, people would have naturally died out, from skin cancers, in those European lands below the 45th parallel where the sun had a more powerful effect on culture. And this might be so. But why should this target the Isles of Ancient Briton as the storage or repository for this ancient gene? What's so different from UK @ 45th than 'the rest of Europe' @ 45th? And why a predominance of that western-facing aspect in both UK and Europe? Is it all just a question of The Weather and prevailing Westerly Trade Winds? The natural westerly direction of the jet stream? Atlantic-coastal i.e. sea faring, peoples is probably the real answer to all this. Boats. Ships. Bling. What the corporatists can't resist calling LEVERAGE.

Here, Oxford professor Barry Cunliffe goes into a little more detail about these western-edge hugging Ginges or Altlantic-sea-faring Celts, if you're interested.

Think history isn't telling you the whole story? You're probably right.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Michael Tsarion - the Age of Catastrophe - 13,000 to 10,000 years BC

Michael Tsarion (strongly) claims that the Egyptians were originally Irish i.e. Druids (as we now call them) and moved East from Ireland or Arya-Land as a consequence of the 13,000 to 10,000 years B.C. catastrophe, the outcome of which has made its way into legend as The Great Flood. But did a giant comet or meteor slam into the northern hemisphere in this ancient time when mankind was first exploring its spiritual heritage? It's known as the Younger Dryas Impact Event. Did it cause the Great Flood? Scientific evidence is pointing towards it...

I'm not sure I'm totally convinced by Tsarion's strident Irish Origins claims but it's all grist for the intellectual mill. There's strong DNA evidence that there's a Basque-derived influx of dark-haired sea-farers into Ireland/Wales/SWEngland via the Atlantic sea at around 25,000 years ago. As there's an ancient Dogger Bank community cast out by the flood that created the English Channel, there'll probably be evidence of a SW England community just off the coast of Cornwall towards the Scilly Isles.

My point is this, "As you all should know by now, Free Planet doesn't give a shit about the ICE or Invented Commercial Entities known as Organised Religions or let's simply call it GODMA. It's super-sad that the so-called Atonists (masculine freemasonic sun-god worship, or Luciferianism) and the so-called Amenists (feminine nature godesses) are still at war. At war, so sad. So fucking corporate."

Free Planet isn't concerned with whose god came before whose god and whose people have more of a right to some slot of land than some other people. Free Planet is all about THE TRUTH, and I know this will shock some of you. Yes, THE TRUTH, the actual real physical facts about the how and why of our corrupt twisted manipulated illogical fascist slave world of wages and tax. And it is a SLAVE WORLD whether you legally define it so or not, slave lawyer; slave magistrate, slave leader.

Free Planet wants only the historical and psychological facts about this place we call home, not the profit-patent-secret agent propaganda and 'stories to entertain'. Was there an original race who basically RUN THE WORLD from these british isles, as we financially do today with our Corporate War Machine today? Did these ancient Irish/Welsh/Scottish kingdoms fight off the Roman Invasion and push it back to its own pit of filth? Did Boudica even exist or is she another Roman amalgam-creation like the Christ Myth. What really is Druidism and how can DNA solve the identity of the First Britons who made this place their home? Gah, so many questions, so little conviction...