Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Tony Gosling - The Nazis were never defeated - Who owns the world?

Yesterday, Free Planet was wandering around Andrew Gough's Beehives of the Gods.

Today, and quite by accident, we're back at Truth Juice to find out where our Free Planet went.

You know, voting REMAIN or BREXIT this June won't make one iota of difference after you watch this, "It's all Theatre," all a performance of legal-lies.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Andrew Gough - Heretic Magazine Editor - Ancient Bee Worship and the Honey Drug Barons

not only have we lost our interest in the bee, but we appear to have lost all knowledge of Bees and Beekeeping in Ancient Times.

In fact, more than that, it seem that there were ANCIENT BEE CULTS spreading from Mesopotamia to Egypt and into Minoa and beyond... very interesting (deep) bee research.

AFTERNOON UPDATE: for those who want to delve further into this fascinating (near forgotten) subject here's an a more in-depth presentation from three years ago at Truth Juice Bristol by Andrew Gough about the ancient and venerated Bee Goddess.

Honey, Poo-bear and King Arthur... the beehive is everywhere in our (manufactured-apiary) Culture. The bees are dying, by design? What's the 'illuminati' really up to? What is their ultimate amoral corporate-greed agenda END GAME? I think we're still (all) in the allegorical labyrinth.

"Is the recent destruction of the bees a symbollic pre-cursor or message about our future extinction due to dirty-air and other insidious corporate-war machinations?" a ramping up of the War On You The People.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Hertzan Chimera - Free Planet vs War World - dual/duelling novel/trilogies one year on

the Free Planet and War World dual/duelling trilogies have been out in paperback and Kindle etc. for a year now, and I've not really done anything to promote them.

NO REVIEW COPIES sent out or allies sought...

the idea is, "If it's your time, you'll  DISCOVER  these adult-issue dual/duelling novel/trilogies on your own," I can do nothing to help your mind's conversion to 'something less shit' than this corporate-horror prison-of-the-mind.

Free Planet by Hertzan Chimera
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The Custodian Liberation is battling the forces of G3 or Global Gambling Game 
to secure your rights to your world.

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War World by Hertzan Chimera
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Deception. Danger. Dreams.
G3 or Global Gambling Game are ruthless in their pursuit of profit 
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Friday, May 27, 2016

The Great Pyramid in Giza - Metric dimensions show - it was built YESTERDAY

of course it's carved in (free-ma-sonic) stone

the METRE is a description of the radius, circumference and speed of rotation of this planet, Earth.

The central or Great Pyramid i.e. pyramid number two in the set of three at the Giza Plateau, is a picture of our own planet in stone and it's (trying to) teach us a very clever lesson involving maths and science and geography and astronomical cataclysm (and it has nothing to do with Carbon Taxation, people).


The obvious answer, and this is not mentioned in the above video nor in any 'alternative history' interpretation of The Giza Pyramid this blogger has watched, is that, "The Great Pyramid at Giza was clearly built YESTERDAY," and the builders are trying to open up our non-magical minds to the idea that Time Travel is as easy as a kid fitting a square block into a square hole, eventually. Each time we re-examine this geometric solid (isn't it evident that) it changes sufficiently so that as our intelligence grows we can accept it, intellectual fraction by fraction, over millennia. So that we aren't terrified by Some Strange New Intergalactic Reality where all this seeming magic is just The Everyday, and maybe it's what we do every night (when we're unconscious) when we dream.

When will someone think of re-routing the Nile (back to where it was 20,000 years ago) so that it can RE-ENERGISE this amazing extra-dimensional machine?

if (as researchers like Robert Bauval and Graham Hancock and others have suggested) the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx were co-created in the Age of Leo i.e. 10,500 BC, that's only THE FIRST (retrogressive) Age of Leo.

If we take the second (r) Age of Leo, we're talking about 36,000 BC and if we're talking about the third (r) then that's 62,000 BC...
How far back does this Super Intelligent High Technology Ancient Monument builder race stretch? For how long have they been missing from the human timeline? Were they even human?

At some point, the limestone (insulating) casing stones will appear and we'll have all forgotten that this is another new part of the Great Big Puzzle Box that this structure is (blatantly) offering mankind.

Brexit - Ancient British Mediterranean Trading Language - United Kingdom Welsh.

is it time to totally reunite all the islands of this so-called United Kingdom under our once-tribal collective-understanding and one resurrected Ancient British Mediterranean Trading Language, i.e. WELSH, not this imported Romano-Germanic corporate overlay?

Certainly, come (Brexit) voting day, it'll never happen. There's no way we can discern which way to vote. Such are the corporate secrecy restrictions, we don't even have the data upon which to make a judgement call. As 'citizens' this is always the case, we don't even know what our Ancient Bronze Age or Pre-Ice Age or post-Dinosaur age heritage is... we're living in THE DARK ages. Unaware of who we really are.

And that's just the way Politics likes it.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Mike Philbin - Introversions Paintings - five new 60x60cm paintings

these five latest 60 cm x 60 cm stretched canvas abstracts have been in the making since the VERY FIRST PAINTING in this series, back in January of 2016.

Why do I say that?

Well, art (or writing) or any body of creative construction, is about narrative evolution and the tacit generation of syntax and grammar and some kind of reliable ruleset that relates to how the paint and canvas might interact.

I must have painted (in my head) about seven versions of these new paintings, and in the end I just had to get rid of all that mind-game crap and confidently apply the colour to the canvas using all the previous experience my left hand and my right hand have had with this art. There are (still) three white borders per picture. There are still two sides i.e. two colours, per picture. But the way the paint (breaches the Corpus Callosum divide, in brain terms) weaves and smears and enhances and occludes has finally come to some sort of happy (artist's soul reflective) medium.

FOR SALE: $900.00 each

FOR SALE: $900.00 each

FOR SALE: $900.00 each

FOR SALE: $900.00 each

FOR SALE: $900.00 each

Dr Heather Lynn - archaeologist turns conspiracy researcher - 2013 excavations near ancienty city of Ur

"So, did they find bones of giants @ Ur?"

The wiley interviewer pricks up his ears and asks "So, did they find the bones of Giants?" as his very first question on the discovery that a new site has been found near the ancient city of Ur.

Writer, researcher, and archaeologist, Dr. Heather Lynn, suggests that there's some general Corporate Oil/Banking Conspiracy about the alleged backers of this particular expedition in 2013 as she investigates who is behind the latest Sumerian discovery near the ancient city of Ur. Erm, she was receiving Death Threats based on her investigation of this story...

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Gary Biltcliffe - Legacy of the Etruscans - Khymry Khumry Cymru Umbria Cumbria Northumberland

Etruscan walls like the Peruvian polygonal walls.

in the closing moments of the following video presentation titled Legacy of the Etruscans, Gary Biltcliffe seems to be channeling the ever-contentious Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett team who claim to have translated all the thus-far-discovered Etruscan engravings, carvings and texts using the Coelbren Alphabet and an ancient Welsh (or Cwmryc) dictionary.

Their claim is 'reasonable translations' fall out of such a weird process... but not as weird as Biltcliff's claim that 'maybe the Etruscans or their Pelasgian forefathers helped cut the stones for Stonehenge'. Crackin' (dangerous) implications all crammed into 45 mins.

P.S. 1: if the Druids say that 'a carved standing stone is a dead standing stone', why do the Druids still worship at the carved-stone i.e. soul-killed stone, Stonehenge?

P.S. 2: I'm gonna beg Wilson and Blackett to supply some of their Etruscan translations to insert here... done, hope they reply, this time.

Dr Carmen Boulter - Matriarchal Societies In Prehistory - Full Lecture

Dr Carmen Boulter shares her personal insights into matriarchal societies in ancient Egypt and other cultures, giving a detailed analysis of the power of the feminine and how this was crushed by the patriarchy.

FURTHER VIEWING: and on the subject of the 'real date of the pyramids' and/or the sphinx... let's really open this debate up, "Not 10,500 BC as the earliest date, but maybe 26,000 years earlier," because of how the last date of Leo coincides with the end of the Last Ice Age.... are we really saying that a sphinx construction age of 36,000 years ago is valid? Weathering on the sphinx and the transit of the Nile suggests a vast length of time such as this... according to this supplemental video.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Graham Hancock - Lost Civilisation 10,500 BC - A species with Amnesia

Where did our Clever Ancestors go?

in case you haven't already seen it, here's Graham Hancock delivering his full lecture A SPECIES WITH AMNESIA at the Megalithomania Conference in Johannesburg, March 13th-14th 2011 co-hosted by Michael Tellinger.