Saturday, April 19, 2014

where is it? - where's the truth in this world? - I just can't find it

where is it?
I looked for truth in God, and found priests and churches and money.
I looked for truth in Science, and found blinkers and dogmas and persecution.
I looked for truth in People, and found zombies and robots and lies.
Where's the truth in this strange, sick, wicked, wistful, pointless world?

Friday, April 18, 2014

Michael C Ruppert r.i.p. - Abby Martin's tearful tribute - fire your weapon

RT's Abby Martin gives a (surprisingly) tearful tribute to independent investigator and government whistleblower Michael C Ruppert (April 13th suicide) on a recent Breaking The Set show.

"I regret not telling you just how much you were loved and needed by us," summarises Martin.

Fire your weapon, was Mike's personal mantra, this means 'do what you can' to have THE TRUTH revealed to Humanity. End the silence of complicity, speak up for reality; end games.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mike Philbin Facial Manipulation - ARTIFACE - new online art service

ARTIFACE ex1: Free Planet banner image

ARTIFACE ex2: corporate cousins

ARTIFACE ex3: Liberator (free planet #2 novel) cover image
in the same way that I offered an online PALM READING service via my Oxford Cheiromancy post, I'm offering an online ARTIFACE service.
Same setup as the palm reading service. I'll need about eight character shots of you. In day light, no flash. Preferably naked shoulders up to top of head. From same position, in same lighting. Against a neutral background, say a white wall or something. Don't move about too much, just EXPRESS YOUR INNER SELF to the camera. Hey, let me know beforehand what you intend to do and I'll try to inspire some sort of direction.
Mail me anyway to discuss prices - the email's in my Blogger Profile here.
Just get the shots to me, and I'll send you back the high resolution photo manipulation - at that point you can do with it what you want. Scale it down to relevant online resolution. Put it on your website or Facebook page, use it in your own products, frame it and hang it on your walls. It's totally up to you. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

the wonders of mole soil

Yeah, every few years or so, I'll get this gardening kick going. I had an allotment on several occassions, never quite near enough to where I live. This year, I'm growing veggies in buckets and baskets. Potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, onions etc.
I needed some extra soil... I had this little bucket of potatoes that were coming through real nice, and I realised, "I'm gonna need a bigger bucket." So, I found one, outside a neighbour's house, and brought it back, with the permission of the neighbour. Repotted the potatoes inside the bigger bucket.
Then I needed some extra soil, and there' no soil near me. So, on a walk out with the wife, we come across some fresh mole hills. And I had a carrier bag with me. And it was the softest, lightest, most gorgeous soil I've ever seen. God bless the sifting efforts of those little black furry creatures.
Many thanks.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Wolverine vs Nightmare on Elm Street - no discernible difference - one's a cert 12

notice the boiled flesh
notice the lethal hand
sure, I like my escapist surrealist horror films weird and hard.
Lots of gore, lots of violent action, plenty of the in-out adult action - and by this I don't mean the man-sausage cherry-pie type in-out action, I mean Freddy Krueger with his boiled flesh and lethal hand in Nightmare on Elm Street ripping through the plump bodies of spoilt American teens for the sins of their fathers & mothers kinda in-out. 
In fact, if I was watching WOLVERINE (cert 12) back in those halcyon days, I wouldn't have been surprised by its adult rating. But, no, somehow (maybe because it's a massive global entitiy like Marvel comics) this atrocity of the eyes gets a 12-cert.
"Wolverine is nothing like Freddy Krueger (Cert X)," you're screaming at your work station. But he has the boiled off flesh (the Nagasaki nuclear bomb scene) and he has the lethal baseball glove knives. Oh, except these things are embedded under the skin of his fist (!) And later in the film these extended fist blades are LOCKED IN PLACE and then lopped off by a burning blade. Then, and this is the Driller Killer (Cert X) moment of all kiddy television horror-porn, they are DRILLED INTO by a nightmare chrome robot (while he's still conscious i.e. no anaesthetic) and his eternal life ability is sucked out of him. Wolverine even performs a heart by-pass de-bug on himself, slicing open his own chest in full graphic fashion for all the kiddies to linger over. And that Viper woman peeling off her infected skin, worthy of something out of The Fly (Cert X)
Whether it's 'based on a comic' or not, IT'S NOT A COMIC...'s a Hollywood Feature Film, made with real actors in real settings and depicting these real people in life-ending over-dramatised over-indulgent fashion. I had a similar ratings issue with the original face-off between Spiderman and The Green Goblin in Sam Raimi's 2002 film version, it was a totally over-the-top BRUTAL end-scene with all sorts of graphic detail in the injuries and insane amounts of depiction of pain and suffering in the action; twisted, nonsensicle.
I had a similar issue with the X-cert face-melting scenes at the end of Spielberg's original Indiana Jones film.
Is this where we're at then, after years of Hollywood manipulation of our senses? Reguritating once-banned-level sex, death and violence for a MAINSTREAM AUDIENCE of desensitized CHILDREN of the age of twelve years old (or younger, when some parent gets the title for his whining pre-teen kiddy-wink)? Is this where Modern Man is headed? Into a hard-faced no-respect world that looks something like TEA-TIME DEATH AND TORTURE is the Neo Reality TV? And all the War Simulation games that G3 or Global Gambling Game is selling our shilldren? Why are we doing this to our kids, to ourselves, to our futures? Is it to prepare them (and us) for World War Three where ALL THE PROFIT will be made?
IN SUMMARY: the Wolverine film is an easy 15-cert. Even today.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Press Release - KUMIKO by Mike Philbin - third G3 Whistleblower novel

not finished cover art


Tandem (G3 whistleblower novel #1, out now)
Watcher (G3 whistleblower novel #2, being written)
Kumiko (G3 whistleblower novel #3, hm... there's no reason why not) 

What's this book about, Mike? 

Kumiko's a third G3-whistleblower novel that'll be all sorts of exciting and flavourful, and weird too. It'll tie all the G3-nonsense together, with any luck.
Any chance of a sneak peek?
I'm still working on Watcher (G3 #2) and Reaper (Free Planet #3), through 2014, but Kumiko (2015) will expand upon the spooky G3-group's octopus-like groping into an infiltrated dream-universe.
When's it due?
I should start writing Kumiko late in 2015, by which time I'm likely to have finished/published Watcher and Reaper, but you never know.

"Would you like fries with that dream-universe?"

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Nexus - Ground Zero – Nuclear Demolition of the World Trade Center.

Ground Zero – Nuclear Demolition of the World Trade Center.
An improved English version of the scandalous article from the NEXUS German magazine.
The third truth about September 11 (2001)
The official story of September 11th  (2001) is a bag of lies and this seems to be a proven fact within communities outside the mainstream. What really did happen? A new series of revelations by a former member of Soviet nuclear intelligence has shocked even those who believed they had a clear view behind the curtain. [read the rest of the accusation @ Khalezov 2014]
Yup, Dmitri Khalezov has resurfaced after a couple of years on the run, and he brings with him a translated and updated version of his Nexus (German magazine) article from 2010.
Just when you thought 9/11 didn't happen and we can all rest safe in our beds, thank you BBC or Big Brother Cabal, here comes the nukular(Bush sp) bombshell.
ADDITIONAL MATERIAL FROM THE DAY:  luckily, this eye witness to the explosions at the WTC hadn't yet seen any news footage trying to convince him of a) a commercial jetliner made of aluminium penetrating a steel cheese-grater building and b) Osama Bin Laden was to blame, directing the operation from either his cave in Afghanistan, a room in Saddam Hussein's palace or a kidney dialysis machine in some middle-east US military base.

HC Unit theory - 30th Anniversary imminent - hadronic or quarkic?

only the excess exists
yes, it's been 'that long' - the 30th Anniversary of my first Hertzan Chimera Unit dream is on its way. It's due, but I don't have a real idea when the dream was. I didn't keep the date. However, I did 'bother' the sci.physics.alt-new-theories with my HC Unit Theory back in 1985. So, it would have been a short time before then that the dream took place.
Maybe 2015 would be the year of the 30th...
But it doesn't matter.
You can see it there, in the illustration/schematic from 1985, sitting alone in dotted no-space. It doesn't exist, in our region of existence. It's a physical/electromagnetic non-entity, only showing itself when it produces clockwise or anti-clockwise excess (the red and the green phases above) or spin. Mostly it just 'is' tumbling through perpendiculars to our existence. Showing its faces to the universe... + 0 - 0... sinusoidally cycling like that.
And recently, my ideas of this 'single atom generating clockwise and anti-clockwise excess' Universal Equilibrium Engine have changed, slightly. I've relied upon the Nobel gases of the periodic table to find stable i.e. non-excessing, arrangements of HC Units in serial cycle, ninety degrees out of phase - HC4 (was helium), HC20 (was neon) etc. HC4 being 'helium' made loads of sense, four HC (hadron) Units ninety degrees out of phase with each other, as this system would FEED ITSELF with no net charge output.
But what if the HC Unit is a quark an not a hadron.
But it doesn't matter.
I thought I'd 'broken' my idea by considering the HC Unit as anything other than a hadron or, to me, a neutron able to generate both a protonic and electronic variety of itself. I went back to the numbers. And such is the nature of these 'virtual Nobel's within the higher atom structures, it doesn't matter.
Well, if four-quark is a no net charge device, I can simply refer to Dark Matter aka the recently discovered tetraquarks made by crushing hadrons together at CERN and other colliders. Here's why it doesn't matter.
earlier version of HC Unit schematic
That was 'helium' using the hadron scheme, but in the quark scheme it would just be tetraquark or Dark Matter made of two mesons, as shown. Even back then I had (hadronic) Hydrogen gathered in groups of two, so there's no betrayal of the concept there. It doesn't (really) matter because (even back then) I had the (hadronic) HC Units linking and forming larger atoms in threes. You can see this all in the above sketch, and here's how it translates up from hadronic to quarkic. 
0+0 is a + (clockwise excess)
+0- is a 0 (EU flowing through)
0-0 is a - (anti-clockwise excess)
-0+ is a 0 (EU flowing through)
You just add a three-quark to each of the +0-0 nodes of the above illo i.e. the structure remains the same whether it's a hadronic HC Unit or a quarkic HC Unit. There are still 'virtual Nobel's (the grey squares above) buried within the higher elements to retain structure.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

a lovely five days in Seville, Spain

in this latest episode of the irregular Free Planet series 'holidays' we visit Seville, Spain, for five days. Very smooth flights from and back to Gatwick, thanks Ryanair.
April 5th-10th, 35% humidity. 30°-35° from 8am to 8pm. Bus service into and out of Seville town, from our room at Al Alcazur, Architecture and history MAGNIFICENT, mostly. Seville is a lot bigger than any of us suspected, kinda reminded us of the time we got lost wandering around Hiroshima in Japan.
The Reales Alcazares isn't as convincing (architecturally) as the Alhambra in Granada - I suspect it's a lot more stunning in Summer, once all the garden blooms flower. The Seville Cathedral (below) was sufficiently impressive, on a vast scale.
Casa de Pilatos (pictured below) is not from the Roman era, as first impressions and imported sculptures may suggest.
 All of Seville's public parks smelled great - literally, all sorts of lovely floral aromas and scents - though one wonders how 'great' the smell of dog turds baking in the Summer sun will be.
The Museo de Bellas Artes on Calles Alfonso XIII (best image below) was set in an old monastery, and had much better formal integraity than the hotch-potch that was the stylistically challenged Casa de Pilatos (above).

The Tapas (like the service) is of varying quality - we found a decent place called Bodeghita la Parihuela on the Paseja de Vila and went back there. Quick "Ola!" to Rafael, our favourite server in all of Seville town.
Now, here's an en-plein-air hand-held Mrs P did within the vast Seville-orange orchard of the Museum of Modern Art housed at the Monasterio de la Cartuja de Santa María de las Cuevas, yes you read that right, "Again, an old monastery."

Earth is a place of Rest & Recuperation from our Tortured Dream Reality

"Those that ask to 'see' must endure the 'vision'."
That's my summary of the Dream State as alternative Reality to this one, this soft cosiness. I mean, they've happened all my life, these insane vivid nightmares. I thought I'd grow out of them, like I grew out of my teenage asthma.
But, no......... night after night........ three, four, five times a night.............  hyper-vivid action-adventure dreams that feel 'a lot more real' than this bland place, this Water Planet of Corporate Profit known as "Earth". A Dream World so real and detailed and ruthless, that I have to FORCE MYSELF to flee from it, when the going gets too tough. Night after night, I'll lie there in the gasping dark of my bed, looking up at the ceiling, not dreading, but not eager to return to this world of warped insanity.
Realness of the kind that's riddled with torture of the left eye, with ballpoint pen and tweezers and hammer, until that eye gives up its fluid from the white-hot spasming ruptured normals of its sphere. What is the use of such dreams if to only reflect, for us, the content of our Earthly day. I don't have such days as this, ramming boiling instruments into innocent eyeballs for fun. I don't have a normal Earthly life where I'm confronted by an earlier incarnation of myself, angry and defenseless and destroyed by a kick to the chest.
I don't live a life that's ANYTHING LIKE the things I dream about, I don't even find this stuff in the mainstream or alternative media I saturate my days with, so where am I getting this ludicrous horror content from? Hence the title of this post: Earth is a place of Rest & Recuperation from our Tortured Dream Reality.