Friday, October 22, 2004


This is not as weird as it first seems. Picture this afternoon's pleasant visitation. Two Jehovas Witnesses. One old female. One young female. Obviously the young female was under the salesmanly tutelage of the older old female. I pulled open the door expecting someone else. And there they were. "Wonder if I can take a few moments of your time..." As soon as I saw them I though Jehovas Witnesses. And they were. I told them straight that I didn't believe in their God and would not like to read a few paragraphs from their book of evidence.

Then they said, "What would you do?" Now I've been confronted by one or two JHers in my time and I always enjoy the love that is radiating from these people. The only problem with JHers is this book they adhere to. The bible. The word of their God. They asked me what I'd do, I told them. I said I'd eradicate all tribal relgions from the planet.

"Planet Earth is too small for religions of any kind. We have to approach a state of love via a Humanist regime. Only love for our fellow man will win in the end. Only eradication of religion will end all wars in God's name." I felt right then at that moment that the Cult of Philbin had just had its first airing, and these two witnesses were my first audience. The Cult of Philbin would be a dead easy place to live. You wouldn't have to offer up n% of your yearly salary join my cult. You wouldn't have to endure some crazy indoctrination ceremony. You wouldn't ahve to pray to any higher deity. Everyone would merely show love to his fellow man and the world would magically be a better place. How hard can it be? :)

Join the Cult of Philbin now and make the world a better place.

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