Friday, November 26, 2004


Chimeraworld #2 news:

got a very worrying correspondence from writer Steve Short the other day asking me to (due to health reasons) remove his short story THE LAST TO CRY from the forthcoming Chimeraworld #2 anthology (he says he has no intention to place the story with any other market and I can't really work out what he's talking about without a sever cross-examination I'm not willing to go into).

As one door closes then, another one opens.

In Chimeraworld #1 both Steve Short and Tony Richards had stories. This year was a terrible choice to make. Put Richards in or Short in. With Short asking for his story to be removed, it gives me great pleasure to reinstate the Tony Richards story, the stunning and sombre LITTLE BLUE BOY. I am sorry to lose Steve Short from Chimeraworld #2 as his Chimeraworld #1 story received such a strong critical reception but Tony Richards' story is a fitting replacement.

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