Monday, November 08, 2004


What the hell's this? Well, it's a short story (3000 words) about zombies that I've just written. Intelligent zombies. Well it's not really about intelligent zombies, that's a hopeless no-brainer of a plot device. But it does deal with the spread of a zombie-like disease but it's more about the pack mentality of these intelligent zombies. It's actually more about the dogs who are supposed to spread the disease. I have to say, I thought it was okay yesterday, that story, but since last night when I stared at the wardrobe for half an hour (I don't even remember blinking) as I ran the result of that story through my head I realised there was a better way to put what I wanted across. I have rewritten it twice, once to redirect the narrative from the dog to Me Stopford himself, then back to the dog. It's much better. Gah, what do I know..

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