Thursday, December 30, 2004


Back - refreshed from my Xmas holiday in France and raring to kick start 2005's creative endeavours.

I got some more vital work done on my HC Unit theory. I really should start looking for a publisher for this theory as I've got only good feelings about where it's headed.

In other news (and true to form for my last few French visits) I've started a new novel. This one's gonna be real interesting. It's about YOU. The reader. Yes, you out there reading this. It's gonna be done in such a way that you'll believe I've been stalking you, every one of you, you'll be embedded in my nightmare and be able to participate in the adventure, too.

Again, let me say that I am very pumped about the coming year's inventive journey. Hope you're all still along for the ride.

In other news: I seem to share the FRONT PAGE of Really Scary . com with none other than John Merz (oh, I'm sure he'll love that). It's reviews 3 and 4 of the HINO HORROR series of manga comics that DHP are putting out (I think they're gonna publish the entire series of 200 comics). As you'll see from my review copy, these are great fun horrific disgusting and cheery little Japanese imports (printed in English for the first time).

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