Friday, November 26, 2004


Chimeraworld #2 news:

got a very worrying correspondence from writer Steve Short the other day asking me to (due to health reasons) remove his short story THE LAST TO CRY from the forthcoming Chimeraworld #2 anthology (he says he has no intention to place the story with any other market and I can't really work out what he's talking about without a sever cross-examination I'm not willing to go into).

As one door closes then, another one opens.

In Chimeraworld #1 both Steve Short and Tony Richards had stories. This year was a terrible choice to make. Put Richards in or Short in. With Short asking for his story to be removed, it gives me great pleasure to reinstate the Tony Richards story, the stunning and sombre LITTLE BLUE BOY. I am sorry to lose Steve Short from Chimeraworld #2 as his Chimeraworld #1 story received such a strong critical reception but Tony Richards' story is a fitting replacement.


Here's the new ident for Mike

Mike will contain all the latest Mike Philbin writing and editing news. There'll also be plenty of free fiction for you to cast your eye over while waiting for the latest book. You'll love it, you surrealist horror freaks.

Friday, November 19, 2004


It's an astonishing claim but might as well be true. World renowned through my Hertzan Chimera writing persona for being "the reborn Marquis de Sade" and "makes William Burroughs look like a social realist" and "the lineal successor to Henry Miller" my most recent acceptance on a site called Camp Horror is clearly marked PG13.

Where's all the sex? Where's all the violence? Where's all the bestials devil fucking and labia surgery of the tortured honey-dew mind? Well, this forthcoming issue of Camp Horror (the Xmas edition) is gonna feature my short story EMAILING FRIENDS and it might be just the most phenomenal departure from the old rotting Chimprose and a way forward into more mainstream realms for my writing career.

Stand by your beds!

Wednesday, November 17, 2004


"People go to a place where they're playing Jazz not to listen to the music but to chat up a lady."

"People go to a place where they're playing Bach because they really wanna listen very intensely or they're praying to their God."

[paraphrased unquote]

Jacques Loussier had the creative audacity to mix Jazz and Bach. I'd known about Jacques Loussier's work for years, he did after all write the Hamlet music from my [English] childhood. "Happiness is a cigar called Hamlet, the mild cigar blah blah blah..." That was one of his Beethoven homages. Today I bought the JACQUES LOUSSIER DOES BACH DOUBLE CD [not an accurate rendition of the title].

Fantastic stuff. Pure brilliance. Light and laid back when it needs to be. Seriously technical and emotionally accomplished at all other times. Johann Sebastien would have been so proud.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004


It's a great day for book news - my Bram Stoker recommended collection of horror author interviews SPIDERED WEB (published by Cyber Pulp) is about to be serialised by a world renowned source. More details when the deal has been signed. Suffice to say, it's bound to piss off a few industry pin-pricks in the horror field who think my legacy and all that I stand for should be eradicated from the literary planet. Well, my stupid little jealous buffoons, you can't keep a good man down.


Thursday, November 11, 2004


My new review of Greg Iles FOOTPRINTS OF GOD has just gone live at horror, thriller and suspense site FEO AMANTE.

This follows my other Greg Iles reviews DEAD SLEEP and SLEEP NO MORE. Yeah, I'm a bit of an Iles fanboy. Blame the wife; I first stole her copy of Dead Sleep to read at Heathrow Airport that time and really enjoyed it, hence the slew of thumbs up for this New York Times Bestseller.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004


35,000 words. Just typed THE END on another new Mike Philbin novella. This one's particularly brutal in that the main protagonist is a metal entity that drills into your bones and sorta controls you like a puppet master. Then it infects others so it can control them. Splitting and separating right nastily. I've written a few of these evil little novellas now since killing off Hertzan Chimera in August of this year.

First there was the art-inspired FREELANCER (that contains the Daliville, Hoppertown and 555 Baconstrasse episodes) clocking up 40,000 words.

Then came the very long story PLANET OF THE OWLS which kept on growing from the initial 10,000 words and finally stands at 27,000 words.

FEAR THE MACHINE is another chunk of gruesome wordage at 35,000 words. And here was me thinking that killing Hertzan Chimera was a bad thing. It's been a liberation and I am more fired up than I've ever been in the whole 13 year existance of the old chim-persona.

I'm going to mail out an exclusive excerpt from Fear The Machine to the Mailing List. Those who have taken the trouble to subscribe, enjoy.


Who the fuck do these people think they are? I was looking for supposedly-PROFESSIONAL markets for some stories and came across a listing for THE EDGE magazine on Ralan's Market Listing site. Dave Clark is the editor of this London based print magazine. Their promise of £50.00 per 1,000 words really excited me, so I thought I'd send them along a submission. This was way back in 2002 or something when I was still writing as Hertzan Chimera.

Dave Clark wrote back and said, "Ah, yes, Hertzan Chimera, I've heard about you - I will not be accepting any of your stuff for The Edge." That was it, no further explanation just a simple blacklisting.

Well, it's two years later, now I'm writing all my new stuff as Mike Philbin and the style is far more readable (purposefully) - less manic, less insane, more controlled. I submit a new story to Dave Clark and wait. And wait... On Ralan's Market Listing it says THE EDGE have a Response Time of 3 weeks MAX. After two months, I email Dave Clark and ask how it's going, whether he got my story, whether The Edge is still going....

Dave's response this morning was, "There is no news - you're still blacklisted, and submissions from you won't be considered. Dave."

This is not the 1950's! This is publishing not McCarthy-ism. I have no idea who Dave Clark is or what I might have done to be awarded my BLACKLISTED badge but I guess that's how blacklisting works; in secret backrooms of hate. Well, no more. I am going public with this. I am sick of prejudice, hearsay and gossip.

November 11th update: seems I wasn't the only one Dave Clark pissed off as Ralan has just DELETED The Edge's market listing from his site. Good for him. :)

Monday, November 08, 2004


What the hell's this? Well, it's a short story (3000 words) about zombies that I've just written. Intelligent zombies. Well it's not really about intelligent zombies, that's a hopeless no-brainer of a plot device. But it does deal with the spread of a zombie-like disease but it's more about the pack mentality of these intelligent zombies. It's actually more about the dogs who are supposed to spread the disease. I have to say, I thought it was okay yesterday, that story, but since last night when I stared at the wardrobe for half an hour (I don't even remember blinking) as I ran the result of that story through my head I realised there was a better way to put what I wanted across. I have rewritten it twice, once to redirect the narrative from the dog to Me Stopford himself, then back to the dog. It's much better. Gah, what do I know..


It's been a long time coming plus we always get Hollywood films last in this tiny little country of Great Britain. I heard about this animated film a few years back and anticipation has growing ever since I first saw those early screen tests on the Pixar web site. I'm a big fan of Pixar Animations - they have something truly legendary in them, an atmosphere, a life, an inner conviction that others try to emulate but really can't compete with. I hear now The Incredibles, at two hours running time, is the longest animated film in history. Let's hope this film turns out better than those dreadful parodies from DreamWorks - I mean Shrek was funny for both adults and kiddies alike but it seems alls the studio can produce is parody or emulate or COPY (if I'm gonna be critically brutal). I'd like to see something ORIGINAL from DreamWorks but I'm not holding my breath. Gimme Pixar any day, I mean what a wonderful legacy they already have - Knick Knack, Red's Dream, For The Birds, Geri's game, Toy Story, A Bug's Life, Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc, The Incredibles.

Monday, November 01, 2004


After a hideous server-melting weekend that saw Horror Quarterly assassinated by the Romans, Scribes and the Pharisees late on Friday night... like our Lord Jesus Christ in Heaven, on the third day, Horror Quarterly resurrected spontaneously this morning.