Thursday, January 20, 2005


Oh, my God.

I've just watched the Horizon show THE LAST DAYS OF EINSTEIN (part 2 E=MC^2 is next week for some reason). It seems he was still banging on about his mathematical quest to link gravity with electromagnetism until the day he died, all under the auspicious eye of his God, probably a Jewish god, but a purist God at least.

Albert is Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.
Albert Einstein, "Science, Philosophy and Religion: a Symposium", 1941

This reliance on God may have been Albert's only downfall. His theories were merely moving in the wrong direction. I've said it once, and I'll say it again.

The only theory worth discussing is Universal Equilibrium. It's a cop-out, yeah - it's merely the reversal of the vector of physics. It decries the Big Bang. It decries the contemporary understanding of 'the photon'. Universal Equilibrium spits in the face of Doppler shift and shows a deterioration of 'light' over time. Yep, it's a topsy turvy view of the universe. But Occam and Holmes all knew what it was to cut the true cut, only the evidence that remains, no matter how ludicrous it seems must be the truth.

Here's the ONLY holistic way you can make a universe... Any potential universe is a trade-off of structure. Matter comes right at the end. Gravity is ALWAYS the prime mover. First you form the structures of super clusters, galaxies, stars, then matter falls out of the ass-end of this universal function without any help or magical spark.

Light (or any other electromagnetic radiation) doesn't spatter out of a source, the same Universal Equilibrium falls in (oh, yes, at the speed of light) to settle debts. Light is not photons (or wave-particles) it is THE ENTIRE FABRIC OF UNIVERSAL EQUILIBRIUM settling debts.

I'm with Einstein on the annoying unpredictability of quantum physics. In the same way that c is the speed at which Universal Equilibrium settles its debts, is quantum mechanics merely the unpredictable gimbal lock in the granularity of those universal forces. I'm with Einstein on a simple solution to the power of the universe and even though I'm no mathematician, I can think and dream. And, for me, the universe to work in reverse is the only answer to the complex problem of linking the sub-atomic and the galactic.

There is no GRAVITY in an atom. The atom is formed by the structures of gravity.
There are no individual photons. All photons are the universe falling in (the fact of a 'quanta' suggests that the universe falls in in drops - this beggars the question are all drops the same - remember in Medievil times they had drip-clocks because they thought all drips were formed over the same amount of time).

Where is this going? Well, you'll notice that not once (other than for profane exclamation) have I refered to a hand of God in all this. God is for the blind, illogically painful images scorched onto their unerstanding. The deaf are deaf because they hear only the word of God.

Poor scientists. Poor, poor believers.


Anonymous said...

God does not play dice, and nor do people.

Mike Philbin said...

paraphrasing niels bohr (from his infamous einstien confrontation), "don't tell mr and mrs car driver where to hang his furry dice, light speed may be constant but I'm going FASTER!"