Sunday, February 06, 2005


Just got the latest Royalty Statement through from Double Dragon Press (the Canadian publisher who brought out my (Hertzan Chimera R.I.P.) Szmonhfu novel in ebook version some years back) and would you believe it, it's STILL flying off the shelves.

I say flying off the shelves, you know I'm lying.


But what is surprising is that, while interest in some of my other D.D.P. ebooks seems to have dried up to a trickle, Szmonhfu (what I consider my most flawed, wordy and overworked book) is still making pretty little sales noises, a glistening stream bisecting an otherwise barren desert. Yeah, man, like the Nile, dude. Every now and then the banks flood and joyous riches spill onto the parched land...

Get your selves and your credit cards off to or PalmDigitalMedia (who stock all my old ebooks in their relevant formats) and scare the pants off me with the next Royalty Statement. It could happen, that resurrestion of (what should officially be, by now) a dead book. Futures have grown frommore shrivelled acorns than this.

Sings, "Buy me a river!"


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Chris Blizzard said...

I would imagine that the Amazon review centering on the "13 years to write, 13 years to read" claim is fairly addition to the title being plugged in reviews of other works of 'experimental fiction' (not my term), and in addition of course to the (apparently understated) genius of the work. The artwork is also fairly stirring. As Brion Gysin would have put it, there are many "ways in" to discovering Szmonhfu