Saturday, March 26, 2005


That Octavia Butler screenplay adaptation I've been ploughing through (two acts in two weeks) just got really difficult. I'm only halfway through the book, there's a big bit missing that's told in 'flashback' (exactly where I don't wanna go with this screenplay) AND there's this seemingly tacked-on fourth part that I'd rather drop entirely.

No worries, though, I just had a two-day think about where I can go with it, how I can reintegrate the lost scene in a really delicious visual way and it's third act ahoy. This third act will take up about the last 40 minutes of the 110 minute screenplay by my estimation and will set up the forthcoming movies in a perfect way. By the end of next week then (with the wind in the right direction) this screenplay is gonna be a complete and, all being well, a stonkin' good film. Well, three films - eventually.

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