Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Yep, you read it right. It's a rich meal of psycho-erotic prose from the menu of sickness but you better believe it, Philbin, Korn and Severin are at it again. PORNSTARS VAMPIRES ZOMBIES - that's the name of our next collaborative release; a 45,000 word book split into three parts.

First Part: FUCK STAR - this is a galactic 'station's of the cross' type narrative chronicling the extremely hardcore sci-fi life of pornstar Eli-X (15,000 words).

Second Part: TITLE PENDING - this tells the three-part tale of Vampyre, a legendary beast with ingrowing cunt-canines who straddles the cocks and candystores of history's wriggling bloodline (10,000 words).

Third Part: ZOMBIE FUCKER: RELOADED - Severin and I didn't like our original version of the Zombie Fucker short story, though we really had a hotspot for the central character Dahli Winterbottom, so we snuck off into a seedy corner and rewrote it entirely from scratch (15,000 words).

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