Thursday, June 09, 2005


Just to be topical for a moment (something I very rarely am) this new Religious Hatred Bill, which religious order do we hate first?

Ha ha ah arrrgggghhhh !

Oh, it's not about hating those blinkered by their faith? Okay. What's it about then? Is it about not offending someone's imagined fantasy of a god/deity system? Faith is just a human filter overlaid onto the universe - it's not truth, nor is it reality. Some faiths get people put in mental asylums or jails, some faiths get people re-elected to positions of global power. Arbitrary idiocy.

More lives have been lost to religion wars and conflict than any other invented human concept. Also, who says what is a valid belief system? Religion is an invented state of acceptance of the infathomability of the cosmos. Why should we integrate religious ideas into politics? Religion has no logiccal foundation other than in cynical control of the masses.

Telling jokes or making comments about someone's faith - why not? If their faith is strong enough, their skin should be thickened against such petty attack. If you want to use RELIGION as a platform for WAR then you support a Religious Hatred Bill.

Remember: the Australian version of a similar Religious Hatred Bill caused MORE religious hatred than it alleviated.

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