Thursday, June 09, 2005


Well, what's that disgusting post title all about?

Myself, Alex Severin and Wrath James White once did a 'threesome' story for our BROKEN collection (Medium Rare Books, 2002) called "Zombie Fucker". It was about, well, a woman who wanders down to the local military base and fucks a lot of zombies (yeah, the military use zombies for wound assessment, didn't you know that?).

Anyway, Severin and I were never totally happy with some elements of that 'threesome' story (like the over-used zombie/military angle and the gang-rape element) not because it was too strong, just because it was a little too clichéd.

So, we've decided to totally reinterpret the story from scratch into a NEW FRANCHISE called "Zombie Fucker: Reloaded". Catchy title, don't you think? You can read the first 4,000 word installment of this disgusting zombie-porn-fest by going to my free fiction section. I told you I was gonna save my best new stuff for publication on my own website for free - that's because I love you, reader. I love you so much I wanna eat your fucking liver.

Here's a direct link to help you out - ZOMBIE FUCKER: RELOADED (part 1) by Alex Severin & Mike Philbin. It really is the sickest shit you'll ever read. And that's all you deserve, innit!

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