Friday, August 12, 2005


I watched an absolutely beautiful film today, called THE HOURS. Apparently, it starred Meryll Streep, Julianne Moore and a young actress called Nicole Kidman. It was a wornderfully interleaved day-in-the-life-of three women from three eras in history; turn of the century, mid-fifties and present day. The excellent script centred around the Virginia Woolf book Mrs Dalloway, there was suicide and writer angst and all'a that goodness.


Nicole Kidman? Yeah, she's cover credited. She's on the IMDB site for the film. But she wasn't in the film. No fucking way. If she was, she was wearing a prosthetic jew's nose. I mean splendid special effects but I'm convinced she actually wasn't in the film, AT ALL.

Most odd.


David L Tamarin said...

I haven't seen the movie but I think they did give her a prosthetic Jew-nose (bigger than my father's, almost)and I think she might have been nominated for some type of award. I saw the cover of the box and said that can't be her, but it is.
I didnt know Julianne Moore is in it, is this another film with a Julianne Moore nude scene (although after seeing Short Cuts and her bottomless scene and confirming that red is her real hair color there's not much Moore to see- get it?)

me said...

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