Friday, March 10, 2006


Fear not, dear reader, this 'atom' concept has not been abandoned for monkeying around at the lunatic asylum of fora. Last night, I had a revelation. I looked into the eye of an atom and wondered upon its structure. This entry is entitled:


well, what happened? Surely by chunking open an atom, I should have been annihilated by the e=mc^2 power surge through mortal flesh, right? Maybe I'm immortal already. Maybe there's nothing in the atom to crack open. Remember, I'm working on the assumption that science has undergone THE GREAT CON. The fact that what we see as running in one direction actually runs in the other.

The universe pulls in all directions (I don't know how, that's part of a future scientific investigation). Structures are set up that create the 'potential' for galaxies, stars, atoms. It's this power that 'allows' systems like atoms to form and dust, stars, galaxies etc to form in their wake.

I looked inside the atom last night and what did I find? Delay. What? Well, something that delays time (or this falling-in of the universe) would seem to have solidity. "Wow, Jenny, I can't get through that, it must be SOLID." Wrong. It's no more solid than the simple slowing of linear time. Slowling of linear time, are you nuts? No, I don't literally mean the universal fall-in is slowed, you can't halt the universe, for fuck's sake. I had this idea for a HC Unit. And I think I now understand how it does its thing.

The universe falls into the HC Unit (a potential atom system), goes round the system (this is where it gets its solidity from) and out it pops. If there's an excess of flow, clockwise/anticlockwise 'charge' pours out of it. One thing I didn't understand is how long the HC Unit could 'trap' or redict this 'linear' fall-in effect of the entire universe around its 'structure'. Relative to our perception of time, this could be thousands of years, let's call it a protonic half life as a guide to the duration of these processes.

I've already said that when you 'see' a photon popping gayly out of an atom (or rather from its 'outermost electron shell'), you're not really seeing some tiny event take place, you're witnessing the photon-wavelength-shifting of the entire universe TOWARDS the source of 'light'. Light that bounces back, is absorbed or reflected (this includes 'light splitting') will be the next calling port for this thought experiment. Stay tuned dear lemmings and stay away from the edge of conformity.

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