Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I cycled into work, this morning, as I normally do, down the Botley Road, heading east into the heart of Oxford. It was a very nice ride in. Hardly any congestion. I didn't even notice it until I cycled under the railway bridge and up to the (dreaded) complex of lights at the train station, the one that encompasses the Said Business centre and the bus stops there. I cycled right through the lights, took my right turn at the Royal Oxford Hotel and passed on through towards the ice-rink without stopping at all.

Let this be a lesson to the Oxford Council - car drivers can be clever if they're allowed to; they can let-one-through then go; they can be courteous to cyclist (I was signalled to go through by a driver with a smiling face) because there's less stress involved with a broken set of lights than there is with a set of lights that has badly-overlapping patterns that increase congestion and frustration and anti-cyclist sentiment.

It was good to ride to work this morning, all because one annoying set of lights was broken - PLEASE DON'T FIX THEM.

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