Friday, June 16, 2006

"Bablock Hythe" vision:

It's 5:55 am and I've just awoken from the most amazingly vivid 'vision'.

It's a small (but intricately detailed) village that I swear I've seen before, over some rolling moorland that opens out onto a valley. It reminds me of Welsh landscape, but I'm thinking The Lake District. I don't know why my sleeping mind was saying "Bablock Hythe, it's right over there." it's nothing like Bablock Hythe. At the top of the village there's a castle-like communal hall overlooking the drop down into the residential high street. Swooping down, there's this house, like a studio apartment with big (old) white-wood-framed glass windows. There's an old grey-haired man with his back to the window. I fly through the window and there in the room are eight or so women (middle-aged to old) sat on comfy chairs arranged around the outside of the room. As I float over them, I feel them sensing my presence and I ask something like "Why are you all trying to contact me?" and they all start to scream right up at me.

All through the writing of that, the back right side of my head and all down my body was tingling, especially when I thought of the room of people. I got a similar 'tingle' when thinking of an old house in Bournemouth where I used to suffer very intense nightmares about the staircase. There go my goosebumps again. I'm actually trembling.


Chad Goulding said...

Best blog entry in ages!

Mike Philbin said...

glad you were there to share the moment, Chad

'...or was Chad merely commenting on what a really boring blog you've had up to now?'