Saturday, November 11, 2006

Lawn Dogs - what a fabulous film:

Lawn Dogs (1997)
Director: John Duigan
Writer: Naomi Wallace

a work colleague lent me this DVD. A 'lawn dog' is a poor gardener who maintains rich folks' gardens for them. I was a bit dubious about it. Even the IMDB plot summary didn't enamour me to watching this film. But last night, I watched it. And my verdict?


It was more the style of the film that was intriguing rather than the content. Great lighting. Great camera work. Some inspired, surrealism. Some good narrative and character twists. Nothing too gawky or lame. And that wonderful ending. The art director was clearly paying homage to the work of Edward Hopper's American dreamland at specific points throughout the film and there were probably other references to a complimentary artist for the set design and location and dressing of the trailer where Trent the 'lawn dog' (Sam Rockwell) lived. But whatever, now I gotta read up on this Baba Yaga mythology that permeated the film in the form of ten-year-old Devon(Mischa Barrton)'s narration...

Seriously, LAWN DOGS is a brilliant movie that none of you will have seen, I bet. If you're at all a David Lynch fan or a fan of offbeat road-movie type fims, do yourselves a big favour, borrow, buy or rent this DVD as soon as you can. A really refreshing and cinematic hour and a half.

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