Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Philip K Dick - double disaster:

two pieces of really dispiriting Philip K Dick news

1) according to the slew of amateur and professional reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, Richard Linklater's adaptation of "A Scanner Darkly" is a turgid 'talking heads'-type piece o' shit.

2) Valis: now I've been trying to get round to reading this 'Philip K Dick classic' for a few years now. Finally got a copy and it's shit. Well, the first 48 pages are truly stagnant, let's say. A brave editor would have insisted Valis started on the second paragraph of page 48, "Fat had never been locked up before." as that's where the actual story seems to begin... my (damning) review for Zone-SF is live now.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Cameron Pierce's TERATOMA:

Teratoma by Cameron Pierce
for Mike Philbin

what is wrong with the childrens
collective womb?
they are death-rabbits
nibbling the rotten carrots
of a pinball arcade time-space continuum.
the silver bell-jangle of heaven
joins them at their alarm clock hips
into a green void,
into their collective
childhood tumor.

orhhhh, isn't that sweet? (ed)

Sunday, June 18, 2006

CHIMERAWORLD #2 promo @ Yahoo Movies:

this was Anthony Cain's first video promo, for Chimeraworld #2

ps: now go buy the trade paperback anthologies Chimeraworld #1 and #2 from Chimericana Books.

Friday, June 16, 2006

"Bablock Hythe" vision:

It's 5:55 am and I've just awoken from the most amazingly vivid 'vision'.

It's a small (but intricately detailed) village that I swear I've seen before, over some rolling moorland that opens out onto a valley. It reminds me of Welsh landscape, but I'm thinking The Lake District. I don't know why my sleeping mind was saying "Bablock Hythe, it's right over there." it's nothing like Bablock Hythe. At the top of the village there's a castle-like communal hall overlooking the drop down into the residential high street. Swooping down, there's this house, like a studio apartment with big (old) white-wood-framed glass windows. There's an old grey-haired man with his back to the window. I fly through the window and there in the room are eight or so women (middle-aged to old) sat on comfy chairs arranged around the outside of the room. As I float over them, I feel them sensing my presence and I ask something like "Why are you all trying to contact me?" and they all start to scream right up at me.

All through the writing of that, the back right side of my head and all down my body was tingling, especially when I thought of the room of people. I got a similar 'tingle' when thinking of an old house in Bournemouth where I used to suffer very intense nightmares about the staircase. There go my goosebumps again. I'm actually trembling.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Japanese author, TAICHI YAMADA:

I haven't read that much Japanese fiction but the more I read, the more I'm finding Japanese authors that I really like. My latest one is an ex-screen-writer called Taichi Yamada. Tonight's was the second book of his I've finished (and really enjoyed) - a ghost novel called STRANGERS. It had neither the surreal aesthetic of a Haruki Murakami, nor the social excess of a Ryu Murakami, nor the Chinese-torturousness of a Natsuo Kirino but it drew me right in. I read that book in record time, it was a real page-turner with a corkin' denouement. His other book In Search Of A Distant Voice was also rivetting.

Monday, June 12, 2006

BUKKAKE STORIES - what's the fascination?

I have a section for free fiction on my website and one of the most popular stories (by a long chalk) is one called Bukkakeworld.

Every day, well over twenty people read this story after doing a random google/msn web search for "bukkake stories" -- in fact, so many of these people has searched using this term that I am at position one on page one of any google search (yeah, I'm that proud of my literary achievement, LOL). I'm sure my story wasn't exactly what they were looking for but I wish some of the Bukkakeworld readers would leave a comment on the story somewhere. I wonder what they were expecting, some turgid series of money shots striking the gaping face? Well, Bukkakeworld has that in buckets, excuse the pun. But there's a sociological subtext in my bukkake story that many of these online hunters may not have expected.

I'd love to know what they thought of my effort.

Sunday, June 11, 2006


That's what I'm currently reading, Philip K Dick's Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said (c) 1974, that'll be just about the time Dick had his Valis moment, his epiphany. The story appears to be the usual (as he called it in his "I am alive and you are dead" biography, his mechanical prose) style and format. Man loses identity and finds insane girl to get trapped in an elevator with. Would make a great stage play.

Update: here's my review of Flow My Tears -

Saturday, June 10, 2006

humour moment, Philip K Dick on Blade Runner:

I had this vision in my mind then that I would go up there and be introduced to Ridley Scott, and be introduced to Harrison Ford, who's the lead character, and I'd just be so dazzled I'd be like Mr. Toad seeing the motorcar for the first time. My eyes would be wide as saucers and I'd just be standing there completely mesmerized. Then I would watch a scene being shot. And Harrison Ford would say, "Lower that blast-pistol or you're a dead android!" And I would just leap across that special effects set like a veritable gazelle and seize him by the throat and start battering him against the wall. They'd have to run in and throw a blanket over me and call the security guards to bring in the Thorazine. And I'd be screaming, "You've destroyed my book!"

That would be a little item in the newspaper: "Obscure Author Becomes Psychotic on H'wood Set; Minor Damage, Mostly to the Author." They'd have to ship me back to Orange County in a crate full of air holes. And I'd still be screaming.

CHIMERAWORLD #3 promo @ Yahoo Movies:

it's fairly self explanatory:

ps: now go buy the trade paperback anthology Chimeraworld #3 from Chimericana Books.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Cotswold Way, Cold-Ashton to Bath:

Cold-Ashton to Bath is officially the last leg of the 102-mile Cotswold Way walk from Chipping Campden. That's the trek we did on Saturday, about 8 miles through the rolling hillsides of South Gloucestershire.

We no longer have a car (we don't need it living in Oxford with its excellent public transport network) and started our journey by train at Oxford 9:45am (changed at Didcot), arrived at Bath around 11am where we took the 620 bus to Wick and then the 635 to Cold-Ashton. We found the Cotswold Way waymarker and off we went. The weather was perfect for walking; clear sky, slight breeze. Along the way we passed the site of the Battle of Lansdowne, a significant event where Bath was saved from sacking. Later there was a great view of Bristol and the estuary, looking out towards south Wales. Clear day, the binoculars worked. We spotted a trio of peregrine falcons overhead, probably from the Wick Quarry site. We passed the Lansdowne Park golf course and race course.

The final leg of the trek took us back up very steep town sidestreets into Bath proper. A great day out and not that strenuous. Took us four hours in total. We were back on the train and home in time for Doctor Who (which my girl loves). And remember what I said about that great weather? Well, we all got a bit sunburnt. C'est la vie.

Friday, June 02, 2006


Warning, my latest DVD review for internet site VideoVista of 'horror' film SAW 2 is a little harsh - shame on you if it's your favourite film.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Chimeraworld feature @ Writer's Beat.

Thanks to the guys at Writers Beat, CHIMERAWORLD will be stickied at the top of their commercial fiction forum all through the month of June.

Go there now and offer your support.

Chimeraworld featured at Writers Beat.

There's also an interview which was sent out to subscribers of the newsletter that Jay Harrison and I did only a couple of days ago - don't you just love the speed of the internet.

Interview text lives here.