Saturday, August 04, 2007

hatred by the masses, revulsion among one's peers

...that's what one of the great literary thinkers once said, isn't it? "The best a writer can hope for is hatred by the masses, revulsion among one's peers."

I don't know if that statement's true but it's a philosophy worth pursuing, in my opinion. I got another rejection from a New York literary agent today, just another perfect result in my continuing campaign for obscurity, "Your book isn't what we're looking for."

I love it when a plan comes together.

August Update: Bukkakeworld last night raced past the 35,000 words mark and shows no sign of losing the momentum many in the horror industry thought it deserved. Allegedly, I have an award-winning publisher just chomping at the bit for me to finish this book - it'll be about 40,000 words so just four chapters or less left. If anything, momentum's growing and there's such a psycho-erotic pressure building, the resultant blast of narrative ennui might well make all the negative hype and jealous slander a historical burden worth shouldering.


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