Saturday, August 04, 2007

Cycling: Botley - Woodstock - Oxford - Botley

It was a lovely day and I was in no rush. I was just mooching around on the bike heading east from Botley into Oxford and realised I hadn't been past the Perch (public house) since this time last year when I blog'd my rather damning whatever happened to the Perch? Erm, it's burned down - there's literally nothing left of it but the door, the thatched roof's gone and internally it's gutted. What a very sad end for a what used to be a proper country pub.

Cycled over Summer meadow and ended up on Woodstock road. I've been to Blenheim Palace before on the bus but never cycled. Thought it might be interesting to see if it's cycle-friendly and proceeded to make my way up the Woodstock road. I bought a little bottle of refreshment at the Co-op in Woodstock, then cycled round Woodstock in no particular hurry (signs advertise a medieval knights jousting competition on the weekend of the 10th -12th of August) before finally heading all the way back down to Oxford past the airport.

Through Oxford, down St Aldates and back onto the river, heading west to Botley. All in all took about two hours. Recommended.

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