Wednesday, September 05, 2007

webmaster oasis walking on thin ice

A very good writing friends of mine Alex Severin, is undergoing a very strange and disturbing experience. She is being plagiarised by some lunatic from the North East of England, who just happens to be buddies with the admins, posting her stories on the site Writing Forums. Who cares what name he/she writes under? Princes? Whatever? I myself have seen people posting segments of Severin and I's story ZOMBIE FUCKER, RELOADED as their own (now deleted).

There's been a recent post on the Webmaster Oasis site that's rattling on about Severin's rightful claim of plagiarism against this poster. Well, in all your innocence to defend all parties you seem to have forgotten that PEOPLE HAVE WRITTEN WITH SEVERIN, they know her style, they know her abilities. I am one of them. This is Severin's work they're posting as their own. I'd reply to the post on the Webmaster Oasis site but that'd mean I'd have to subscribe to yet another fucking web site and that ain't gonna happen too soon.

You (little admin guy for Writers Forum . org) don't seem to understand that there are freaks and weirdos and wannabes out there in the world who think they can just claim the world as their own, well, it doesn't work that way. You have to earn the world by having the necessary talent. Like Severin.

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