Friday, October 26, 2007


it's those guys from BUST DOWN THE DOORS AND EAT ALL THE CHICKENS again - masters of absurdist-bizarr-o-ddness:

Here's the full TOC for the WEB DEATH anthology which you can download your free e-copy of by clicking the link.

Small For Its Size by GX Jupitter-Larsen
The Garden Ghosts by Kevin L. Donihe
Strongmen & Motorcycles (& Monkeys, too) by D. Harlan Wilson
NDA by AD Dawson
Sugar Pigs by headsfromspace
:Inkwell: by Jeffrey S. Callico
The Day I Drowned by AD MacDonald
On TNA by AD MacDonald
The Heist by Bradley Sands
Tossing Pebbles by OffBeatJim (Jim Wittenberg)
Still Life With Fax Machine by BananaHero
The Surprise Party by Ray Fracalossy
Captain Berserk Travels To The Middle Ages by Jason Earls
More Pictures Of Dogs That Stole My Candy by Nathan Gallegos
And He Destines His Despair by Robert Traxler
Keyhole by Gina Ranalli
The Oldies by Jon Lemmon
Red Carpet A, B, And Even C by H.B. Husvill
A Document by Jon Lemmon
Engulf Your Soul In The Furnace by Mike Philbin
The Glob a.k.a This Was No Tofu by Justynn Tyme
Duck Head Pocket by Gorgonzola The Cheesemonster
The Fool On The Hill by Cake Earthhead
Fresh Off The Wire by Owen Kilfeather

NOTE: my submission "Engulf Your Soul In The Furnace" is actually a choice bit of obscene blow-jobbery from somewhere near the middle of my forthcoming Silverthought Press novel "Bukkakeworld". Proceed with caution, dear readers.

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