Thursday, November 22, 2007


Destiny West was good enough to send all the contributors copies of RED SCREAM OBITUARY from her home in Oz.

I opened mine and there's my love story THE GIRL WHO DATED SUICIDE BOMBERS. After that, my article THE SKULL FUCKERS (about small press writers Kurt Newton, polycarpkusch, John B Ford, Alex Severin and Destiny West (as you might imagine, the article was submitted a looooooong time ago before Destiny became the editor of Red Scream)) which not only contains introductions to each of the writers' but also a sample of their extreme writing. There is additional fiction from Liam Rands later in the mag.

One wonders where Red Scream magazine will go now that it seems to be breaking its affiliation with the very readers (and writers) who helped launch it into the sick unconscious. Probably more full colour centre spreads of gore girls if this OBITUARY issue is anything to go by.

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