Sunday, July 29, 2007

Red Scream - Obituary.

...well, seems the only piece of fiction in the special OBITUARY edition of sex-horror and gore-girls Red Scream magazine is a piece by yours truly, The Girl Who Dated Suicide Bombers. I was under the impression that this would be the last in the old format of the mag, which generally contained a few pieces of sex-horror fiction, a few horror film/rock band articles and some pictures of naked chicks smearing themselves in blood.


Ah, well, it's a sure sign of the apocalypse when a Mike Philbin story represents the reputation of the entire sex-horror fiction industry to date.


Monday, July 23, 2007


...this is the nightmare awaiting men in the future. Face from Baywatch, body from Crimewatch. All that marketing effort going into face-cream and regenris adverts with polypeptides that help lift the skin and that horrible 'taughtening' word will only result in woman who look like this in the buff.

yes, it's a crude Photoshop assemblage but it shows how wrong advertising and marketing is getting. I remember a time when adverts used to be really entertaining, the best part of an evening's TV watching. But now, it's a brain-free hardsell.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hertzan Chimera (HC Unit) LABELized

I've created several blog entries about an alternative to the atomic model of the universe, it's called the Hertzan Chimera (or HC) Unit. Yeah, I know, but I only used the Hertzan Chimera keyboard name after writing that fake science article for Dementia 13, issue 14.

Just to help you all out, I've compiled a new LABEL category titled HC UNIT that'll minimise your trawling and get you straight to the Universal Equilibrium-fueled goodness. In summary, don't believe everything you see with your eyes, it's an illusion!

August Update: We all know that HC1 is hydrogen and HC4 is helium, HC20 is neon, HC40 is argon... I've been working recently on specific aspects of the HC unit theory, namely how the more sociable partial-Nobel combinations HC2 and HC3 link together to make the more reclusive non-Nobels. Weird as it seems, my purely-shape-based model of the inside of an atom works best when I structure it around virtual-Nobles. Put it this way, my theory is evidence driven - and I know that's a crime, but I am trying to prove a point here, not really interested in the truth too much.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Bukkakeworld novel races past 20,000 words

21:21 on a Monday night:

My latest novel Bukkakeworld races towards its 20,000th cum-smeared word. It's as I was saying in a recent post, each story is a moment in a writer's life, and it's gonna end up about 40,000 words or so. This novel really started back in 2003 when I was finishing up on the Yôroppa novel, though at the time I didn't realise it. The first chapter of the Bukkakeworld novel lives here, for the reader's perusal. Yes, this is HOW THE BUKKAKEWORLD NOVEL STARTS.

It might seem a little extreme, and the chances of the narrative surviving beyond this point did indeed seem slight at the time of writing, but survive it did. Flourish, in fact, over the last week or so. The cum-soaked words are now pouring out of my mind in healthy peristaltic spasms. It's turning into one of the most extreme emotional trips I've ever embarked upon and, as I suspected that Planet Of The Owls might have been my glowing literary opus, I now have to admit that maybe the wealth of worldwide interest in my perversion of this disgusting bukkake subject matter might outstrip my desire for quality literary exploration of the modern psyche.

I'll bow to the subversive mass market's wisdom in this matter.

Bukkakeworld is a rough ride, let it be known, and not for those who consider horror to be a goofy little funfair ride with ghoulish masks and ridiculous ginger perms. I don't know where the next 20,000 words are gonna take the storyline but I've just discovered the Glimpsers are a large part of the psychic mystery of bukkakeworld; the Glimpsers, oh, how they've haunted my writing for so many years. Fans of the surrealistic horror of Hertzan Chimera are gonna love this crazed shit, it's just transformed bukkakeworld from just some morbid prose on a theme into a work of terrorist annihilation the world will never forget. Totally fucked up and ruthless.