Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Universe Pathways review of Chimeraworld 4

it's a review by George Sotirhos, the editor of UNIVERSE PATHWAYS, a sci-fi-dedicated fiction and review magazine out of Greece, here writing in English for his online review site Sci-fi, fantasy, horror Books Reviews. Click the link to see what George thought and which stories he commended from this year's issue of the Chimeraworld anthology.

You can pick up Chimeraworld 4 (all cars must die) and all three previous Chimeraworlds DIRECT from Chimericana Books at the amazing price of $13.99 each (that's 23 stories in an American format 6" by 9" trade paperback).

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Big Cat sightings on the rise in Oxfordshire.

...that bastion of good taste and accurate reporting THE FORTEAN TIMES did their own survey of Big Cats loose in the UK which included those seen in or around Oxfordshire in 2006 (relevant data below):

2003: Upton (several sightings).
2004: Chipping Norton (2 sightings, M).
2005: Burford (several sightings; several farmers reported sheep killed; photo; cat also reported to have killed a gazelle in Walter Park, Cotswolds – £5,000 reward offered, not claimed) (M, P, S); between Church Hanborough and Long Hanborough (S, P).

But it was a caller to a talk show on BBC Radio Oxford last night (yeah, it just happened to be on, so sue me) who reckons that he, himself, has reported several sightings of a PUMA in fields and undergrowth near Chipping Norton of late. He recalls finding Muntjack deer carcases up in tree branches. His description of the PUMA are very convincing. And frightening.

If you're in Chippy, maybe walking your little dog late at night or meeting a loved one for a secret rendezvous stay alert and be careful.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Sun and Rice, Spanish style

my buddy Juan Vicente Ramirez Garcia and his wife Yolada are travelling around the far east. Lucky sods. Even better, they're documenting their travels (alternately in Spanish and English) for us to cast our green-envious eyes over.

The blog they've created and are updating as they travel is called SUN AND RICE.

Friday, October 26, 2007


it's those guys from BUST DOWN THE DOORS AND EAT ALL THE CHICKENS again - masters of absurdist-bizarr-o-ddness:

Here's the full TOC for the WEB DEATH anthology which you can download your free e-copy of by clicking the link.

Small For Its Size by GX Jupitter-Larsen
The Garden Ghosts by Kevin L. Donihe
Strongmen & Motorcycles (& Monkeys, too) by D. Harlan Wilson
NDA by AD Dawson
Sugar Pigs by headsfromspace
:Inkwell: by Jeffrey S. Callico
The Day I Drowned by AD MacDonald
On TNA by AD MacDonald
The Heist by Bradley Sands
Tossing Pebbles by OffBeatJim (Jim Wittenberg)
Still Life With Fax Machine by BananaHero
The Surprise Party by Ray Fracalossy
Captain Berserk Travels To The Middle Ages by Jason Earls
More Pictures Of Dogs That Stole My Candy by Nathan Gallegos
And He Destines His Despair by Robert Traxler
Keyhole by Gina Ranalli
The Oldies by Jon Lemmon
Red Carpet A, B, And Even C by H.B. Husvill
A Document by Jon Lemmon
Engulf Your Soul In The Furnace by Mike Philbin
The Glob a.k.a This Was No Tofu by Justynn Tyme
Duck Head Pocket by Gorgonzola The Cheesemonster
The Fool On The Hill by Cake Earthhead
Fresh Off The Wire by Owen Kilfeather

NOTE: my submission "Engulf Your Soul In The Furnace" is actually a choice bit of obscene blow-jobbery from somewhere near the middle of my forthcoming Silverthought Press novel "Bukkakeworld". Proceed with caution, dear readers.