Friday, April 18, 2008

Chris Cunningham - Mirrorball feature interview

Chris Cunningham is one of my very favourite music video directors, mostly for his intimate association with Aphex Twin, Autechre, Bjork, Leftfield and Portishead.

Mirrorball was a seven-issue Channel 4 program that examined the work of pop promo directors Spike Jonze, Michel Gondry, Jonathan Glazer & Dawn Shadforth and Jonas Auckland & Roman Coppola. They did a feature/interview with Chris Cunningham that's been split into five digestible chunks and uploaded to Youtube for all our viewing pleasure. It's a jolly comprehensive over view of Chris's career and motivations.

Here's part one, external links to the other four parts transport you over to Youtube.

Part two of the Chris Cunningham interview.
Part three of the Chris Cunningham interview.
Part four of the Chris Cunningham interview.
Part five of the Chris Cunningham interview.

Additionally, here's a real nice interview with Bjork & Cunningham about one of the most amazing videos of all time (that I've featured on here before) called ALL IS FULL OF LOVE. Bjork just has a lovely way about her, an otherworldliness. The way she just hands over the creative reigns of the video project to Cunningham, and let's him get on with his job, is right and proper.

Finally, here's what Cunningham's been up to lately, a video for the indie band The Horrors (yeah, I know, the irony) called "Sheena is a parasite". I know it's cruel of me, and I know I should just ignore them, but internet shit-stirrers The Rusty Nail really should use this as their theme tune. Sing along with us all now, "Rusty is a parasite!"

Actually, I used to have a dog called Rusty. A nasty little jack russell terrier. Had to be 'put down' in the end due to 'distemper'.

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