Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Noam Chomsky 2008

...well, November 2007, actually. Here's the man comedian Bill Hicks raved about all those years ago and who this writer has been avoiding listening to for as long.

And for good reason.

Noam Chomsky is not a political activist, as I'd thought, he's a professor of linguistics at M.I.T. He's a part-timer, an amateur in the field of political investigation. As he puts it, in his spare time he looks into things the government wishes he wouldn't. He's not a tinfoil hat wearer. He's just finding stuff out. Noam Chomsky's heinous task, it seems, is to report How The World Really Works.

And he's given birth to the most alien thing this writer's ever encountered. Here's Noam Chomsky at his understated best - a truly daunting vision of the manipulated present, and our hopeless future.

Again, like the Rob Newman 'History of Oil', this shouldn't be marginalised or belittled, it should be on THE MAINSTREAM NEWS because it sounds like we THE PEOPLE are being royally fucked in the shit hole by the ruling elite. I wonder if, when we blindly elect these candidates into Office, we actually realise what we're giving them permission, time after time after time, to do to us with our hard-earned money. For after all if it wasn't for our money there'd be no backing.

We THE PEOPLE fund these high finance and covert/corporate operations. Money for their terrible war games and genocidal double-dealing doesn't grow on trees, it's our money, the honourable and honest tax payer. I mean, everyone should know where their tax dollar/yen/euro is going ... I'm sure a more educated populace would be able TOGETHER to make a better world of it than 'those who are currently holding all the cards'.


Richard W. Symonds said...

You are escaping the Matrix...


Have you read "Escaping The Matrix" by Richard Moore ?


Richard W. Symonds

Richard W. Symonds said...

And thanks, Mike, for introducing me to Bill Hicks :


Mike Philbin said...

Moore's on Alex Jones from time to time.

one more fan of Bill Hicks and I'm happy - welcome abroad.