Thursday, September 11, 2008


Yes, I understand the irony of the title, the Church of Atheism is coming to a brainwave pattern near you, to protect you from Demons and Gods alike. To help free you from the false left-right paradigm of global tyranny.

To teach (others) by frequent instruction or repetition, indoctrinate.
It's called Religious Education, and in one form or other each and every one of us has had our childhood eviscerated by this false dogma. There's a God in Heaven who loves you. Wrong. There is no God. There's only you, dear reader.

Shrewd or devious management, especially for one's own advantage.
Religious Education tells you when to get up, what to enjoy, how to contribute to daily existence. Anything that doesn't comply with the arbitrary demands of this invented group-control mechanism is judicially punished. Take your hand off the Bible in court, each and every one of us, we all know what's RIGHT OR WRONG. We don't need some religious dictator to keep beating us over the knuckles with it.

Obtuse or narrow-minded intolerance, especially of other races or religions.
Even Jesus cheers us on against the other side, right? Or whatever flavour of invented flag-bearer your religion epitomises... He's there, your saviour, the one who died for your sins (that don't exist) driving your feet through a blood-strewn battlefield, moving each and every footstep towards your doom FOR THE GREATER GOOD.

These three pin-pricks in the global agenda form the triangle of ULTIMATE POWER OVER YOU, the loyal Tax Payer. These three ideals are the reasons why Governments can coerce rational, peaceful citizens of our planet to stick rifle bayonets into enemy faces, rape and gas children, drop nuclear bombs from altitude.

The Capitalist regime, of course, has to continually make a profit and with the shiny-new-devious War On Terror mankind can be at war ad infinitum. The WAR ON TERROR is now the new Devil against which mankind must constantly strive by his physical participation in Fake Wars or the surrender of his civil liberties.

What brought this to a head, for me an already strident atheist, was the recent Olympic Games. People from around the world who (based on the war-mongering propaganda machines of east, west, north and south) should have been at each others' throats, baying for blood. What happened? Well, humankind just got on with living and loving and enjoying their existence. Proof that if you let people get on with living and educate them that this is their only time on planet Earth they can congribute something great, something truly positive to a tattering history.

Beware the real eugenics threat.

On this day, the 7th anniversary of the corporate atrocity known as 9/11, have only love for your fellow human beings. Worship no false Gods, the words are black and white in many religious tomes. All man's deic inventions/credoes/jurisdictions are 'False Gods'. Renounce all oragnised religions immediately. They're a cancer upon your moral fibre. Put no more gold into the coffers of the Church, the money lenders or the ruling elite.

The Church of Atheism isn't some elaborate place of worship, the Church of Atheism exists within each human, linked as we are to all our brothers and sisters.


~ Bobbie Crawford-McCoy ~ said...

Amen! :)
Well, I should say: 'good show' or something along those lines lol
It's great to read more pro-atheist information and blog posts!
Thanks Mike!


Bobbie Crawford-McCoy

Mike Philbin said...

no worries Bobbie,
it's about time more people loved people, rather than some state-invented mass-control construct.


church_of_atheism said...

Actually, the Church of Atheism is located at 206 Vine St. Eau Claire WI 54703 you may contact the Rev at his cell (706) 593-2686

Mike Philbin said...

great to know - if I'm ever down that way, I'll pop by for a cup of tea and slice of cake, vicar.