Friday, February 29, 2008

Street Fighter 4 - THE LET DOWN FACTOR

I've done a couple of pieces about this concept before; UFC 2009, Lost Odyssey and Hellgate London being prime examples of THE LET DOWN FACTOR. This is when a next-gen trailer looks better than the next-gen game it's advertising. Now, I know you're about to say, "Mike, a game's a game and a video's a video."

But marketing's a bitch of a tightrope to walk - and it's even worse when the marketing material is VERY LIKE the game it's promoting. Take this recent example (video embedded below) Street Fighter 4. Now we've all played version after version of this famous side-scrolling beat-em-up. The promo, however, TOTALLY REIMAGINES the jaded and crusty old Street Fighter grand vision. It's an amazing tour de force that might just revolutionise the fighting game genre completely.

It's classy, stylish, brutal and as next-gen as you can hope a 3D title to become. But no, the game's producers forgot to commission this amazing pre-prototype visualisation before letting the coding team go about their latest version update. I say, let the ARTISTS design games and show the gaming world how it should be done. Forget mediocrity in mass-market entertainment. Artists should dictate to the world how it should be. Oh, wasn't Adolf Hitler an artist...

The point is, though the side-scrolling fighter genre might appear to be broken by this wild and wacky artistic presentation, it can be done. If we show the game from the 'winning' player's graphical perspective, the side-scrolling aspect ISN'T broken. We can then have 'control of one's action' as a part of the actual gameplay. It would be sweeeeet. Lack of corporate foresight all over again while the artists can only dream up the ignored future? Same old story, I'm afraid.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

news flash, you corporate suckboy, you rancid shit gobbler, you turd...

roll up, roll up, cumm read the exclusive second chapter of my summer 2008 Silverthought Press novel "Bukkakeworld" has just surfaced over at MySpace. If you're into horror, you're gonna slurp every last dollop of this crap down your worthless little pisshole. Obviously, you've got nothing better to read.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Horrotica Online features Mike Philbin, Silverthought book interview and gallery


APPLE VALLEY, CALIFORNIA, January 31, 2008 – After two successful years of publication, Horrotica On-line Magazine enters its third year by launching the first issue of Volume Three come February 2008. Horrotica is a on-line publication featuring an adult brand of erotic horror. Aside from stories by Sarah Wilson, Jessica Brown and Tony Carrillo there will be poetry, art work, articles and an interview with Mike Philbin and a gallery of his artwork.

Cover art for this issue is by Mike Philbin.

Published by David K. Montoya, the Editor in Chief is Terry D. Scheerer and the magazine is a subsidiary of Dark Myth Production Studios which Acquired Horrotica from Nocturnal Enterprises in 2007. "We are looking forward to a lot of New features in the coming year, so stay tuned," said Terry D. Scheerer, Vice President of Dark Myth Production Studios and Editor in Chief for Horrotica On-line Magazine. Issues are available at the magazine's web site.

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