Friday, September 26, 2008

the brain is a time travel machine

you're looking at this entry thinking, "what? the brain is a time travel machine?" and you'd be right. it sounds ludicrous. but think about it a little. hell, let's not beat about the bush. think about something for the first time in your life.

the best way to describe it is. speak. to. an. old. person. when they're reminiscing.

they physically transform from the old person they are now. back to the young person they were at the time of the reminsicence. not only their posture changes, but also their actions, they're actually travelling back in time to the point where their memory lives.

they say that anything we remember is never forgotton. only the access of the data becomes more difficult with the passing of time. why do you think there are so many memory techniques used by professional memorists? this is not surprising when you consider how much energy it must use to travel back in time.

the now can be represented as a conglomeration of visits to the past - the human brain actually travels back in time to the point where a memory is held. time is not linear. time is woven into the memory architecture of the brain.


Mike Philbin reviewed by 3amMagazine

3AM Magazine is THE online venue for subversive, experimental literature. Here editor Steve Finbow gets to grip with:

Planet of the Owls (novel)
Philip Pullman meets Georges Bataille? Sounds unlikely, huh? Well, so do the happenings in Mike Philbin’s novel Planet of the Owls. Let’s think again – BDSM meets Christianity. Giant birds have taken over the world, finches rule the air while crows play tug of war with babies as a gang of magpies pull a train on a bag lady who just might be the saviour of the world.

Bukkakeworld (novel)
Mike Philbin assaults his readers with brutal and sexual imagery yet assuages them with thoughts of kittens and butterflies on a summer’s day. What the reader can never do is take for granted what is going to happen next. Bukkakeworld is a satirical novel in the line of Rabelais, Swift, and De Sade; an open attack on corporations and an analysis of vocational alienation shot through with a messy, spunked-up narrative.

Clicking the text of either book takes you direct to the 3AM double-header.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


I've decided to have a total revamp of what I'm doing in my artistic life. It's about time I offered the SECRET 1990's GOUACHEs at a resonable price, and to facilitate this I now have a new professional gallery for this purpose.

Mike Philbin's gouache gallery @ Saatchi Gallery.

But what's the connection to the supposed October 14 UFO flap over the USA, Mike? More and more of my dreams are about projected global disaster ... this morning screaming people ride a holographic red dragon that terrorises pedestrians in the streets. The space shuttle (with its fuel tank attached) disappears into a foggy sky. A huge multi-coloured fireball descends as part of the show. The town PHYSICALLY explodes, people watching on the hill realise this is no joke.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Afshin Rattansi - Max Keiser - Morgan Stanley - Goldman Sachs - Toilet Paper - WTC 7

I know nothing about these blokes but I love their show, it's professional, snappy and full of political impact (and truth). Here's Afshin Rattansi in Tehran and Max Keiser in Paris talking about the end of Wall Street, dollars, toilet paper and building seven. They explore the "Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs no longer being investment banks" issue. Max Keiser also interestingly produces a counter argument for the NWO-conspiracists' EUGENICS theories.

Max Keiser: Follow the Money

Monday, September 22, 2008

Francis Bacon Exhibition at Tate Britain

There's a new exhibition of paintings from the late, great Francis Bacon on at Tate Britain. Sunday 21st September, 12 noon, was my pre-booked time to visit the exhibition, and here's what I thought of it.

Too much glass, too much gold, too clean - not enough life.

What are you saying Philbin? This is our patron saint of contemporary painters sent to save us from the Emins and Hirsts of the Saatchi stable. Yeah, but why put so much gold around Bacon's paintings? Why obscure Bacon's surfaces with glass? It's all too distancing, all too sterile.

When you meet a Bacon painting, you should be able to go up to it and smell it - you should at least be able to share his sometimes violent surfaces. The way people were ignoring each other was also very disconcerting. It's a Bacon exhibition, Bacon's whole life was one long party - why else do you think he only painted until the pubs opened? You'd have imagined more of a party atmosphere. With today's all-day licensing hours, Bacon would have been just another drunk littering our streets. We should praise our God for that little shaft of creative glimmer in the morning.

The exhibition is sectioned off into ten rooms themed around such topics as ANIMAL, ZONE, APPREHENSION, CRUCIFIXION, CRISIS etc. There was a lovely stab at real life composition (above) in Room 8: MEMORIAL. The painting of George Dyer silhouetted against the dual staircase of cellar and studio - very poignant and bizarre because of its use of only real-life imagery (no borrowed photo reference was used). A brief glimmer of hope in an abstracted art slaughter punctuated by the bottle and boredom.

The most revealing part of the entire show was Room 6: ARCHIVE - a visual design exercise attempting to recreate the squalor and slum nature of his studio in a single room of the exhibition. But it wasn't the photos that were the revealing part (everyone needs their inspiration) nor the wall-sized blow-up image of his studio but the handwriting from his note books. A leisurely analysis of that gave me a more profound insight into why he was a battered-taker of an artist rather than one of the true technicians, he was putting the pain of his youth on the canvas EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Returning to the subject of smell, where was the smell of vaseline, beer, old men, the smell of carcases? I know most exhibitions DON'T think smell is a very important part of an exhibition but it seemed amiss here. The whole experience felt 'muted', dry. As if some essential oil was missing from the show and only the crumbling husks remained.

Overall, I found the Bacon exhibition a very cold experience. And those fucking art students dumb-assly sketching the great man's work like they were preparing another art-school-sponsored corporate logo for their teachers. I would have preferred more of the warmth of the man himself, Bacon's post-rutting ghost hovering over the proceedings. Bacon's affected plum ringing out from overhead speakers. Oh, and the lighting sucked so badly that you were mostly scowling at your reflection, rather than enjoying Bacon's soul.

November 13 update: Christie's New York's post-war and contemporary auction took in $113.6 million (76 million pounds), half a low pre-sale estimate of $227 million, with 68 percent of the lots on offer finding buyers but the evening's star lot failed to sell.

Francis Bacon's "Study for Self-Portrait" had been estimated to go for $40 million or more, but no bid approached even $30 million. Bacons have seen huge price spikes in recent seasons, including a record $86 million.

"The market is continuing, but clearly at a different price level," Christie's president Marc Porter said. "There's no panic in the market, but there is an adjustment. While it had declined, you've seen it find a stable level, with a lot of support."

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Eight Days Trailer Basic Navigation

with a duck-n-cover animation system that rivals the forthcoming Gears Of War 2, here's a sequence from the Navigation Prototype Level of the CANCELLED PS3 game "Eight Days".

Allegedly, here's the project's Animation Director explaining what's going on, "Here's a quick capture from the Eight Days Animation Test Level, showing the basic navigation of the main character ... it was my responsibility to design and implement the animation tools and pipeline with the goal of creating a fluid, yet responsive, animation system." He found this movie on YouTube (below).

Keep sharing the good stuff, guys, what's being published for the sheeple is generally 3rd-rate crap.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hertzan Chimera Unit - Black Universe & Electrostatic Bang

Additionally, more of a note for myself rather than a comprehensive and researched moment in the atoms debate, only the turbulence of clockwise or counter clockwise (electromagnetic) excess (or spin) can allow Universal Equilibrium fall back in.

Effectively, in a non-excited universe, there'd be no light. That's why it's called a Black Universe. I believe, from the invented evidence on my Hertzan Chimera Unit atomic model, that the Big Bang didn't generate all the atoms and compounds of the universe, they already existed in protzoic HC1 form. Only the excess (don't ask me what sparked it off, you can't even ask a Big Bang theorist what started his universe off) i.e. the first electromagnetically charged quark, caused an Electrostatic Bang.

That's what we're seeing in background radiation, not the creation of all matter and dimensions, but merely the remnant of that first fizzle of univerese-traversing em radiation. And remember, because I have the HC units acting simultaneously across the universe in pairs, it would have been a generally uniform blast, hence the general (lumpy) uniformity of the background radiation signature.

I think science needs to come up with another reason for red-shift, other than the recession of the further stars at near-light speed -- because that is just a load of ill-logic.

Friday, September 19, 2008

HC Unit - sexual chemistry, leaders and social relationships

I've done several blog entries about my 'invented physics mindtoy' the Hertzan Chimera Unit over the last ten years or so. Only recently, have I been struck by a glaringly obvious aspect to the HC Unit Schematic. Its underlying quantum structure (below) of clockwise and anti-clockwise turbulent interference with 'the gravitational structure of the universe (aka Universal Equilibrium)' allows for a very interesting sexual chemistry, leaders and social relationships angle.

You'll notice that the HC Unit doesn't have to physically exist IN the dimensions of the positive/negative turbulence, it's just an implied aspect of the schematic I'd never fully examined. The HC Unit, though it gives off measurable quantum spin (the way quarks show themselves) in our bodies, as our atoms, could exist anywhere in the universe at any time.

Here's why it's more elaborate than that contemporary proton pairs. Nature favours male and female, yin and yang, opposites attract. Should it be any different in quantum physics than it is in our social relationships? Empathy might be described as 'two people sharing HC Units in opposing phases'. We may be physically connected by the electromagnetic spin of either side of our HC Units. We momentarily share atoms.

This may be why people favour one sexual partner over another.
This may be why great leaders attract huge followings.
This may be why we should all respect and love each other more.

We are not only the same physical stuff, we're connected (by the opposing aspects of our physical stuff) to the things that drive our passions, physically sharing the same tether.

The next step would be to 'control' or otherwise modulate that synergy. Or maybe the great HC Unit Synergists already have the ability to do so.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood and Bioterrorism

There's some seriously sick shit out there, stuff that makes THE X-FILES look like Andy Pandy, and most of it is stage-managed by the people we vote into power.

Really? Are governments this fucking insane? Watch this movie "In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood and Bioterrorism" and make up your own mind. If it's cock, I'm relieved. If it's true, we are truly fucked as a race.

Remember this message as you vote in the new public representatives to the corporate war machines in your respective countries.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Lindsey Williams, crackpot or soothsayer

Lindsey Williams said, "Gas will go to $4 per gallon"
Lindsey Williams said, "Israel will attack Iran"
Lindsey Williams said, "There is no oil crisis"

Who is Lindsey Williams? Well, if we can believe the story, he has been an ordained Baptist minister for 28 years, went to Alaska in 1971 as a missionary. He volunteered to serve as Chaplain on the pipeline, with the subsequent full support of the Alyeska Pipeline Company. Because of the executive status accorded to him as Chaplain, he has a lot to say about THE WAR FOR OIL and PRISON PLANET EARTH.

The Non-Energy Crisis - part 1 of 8

Syndome of Control - part 1 of 7

So now Lindsey Williams starts to receive death threats from colleagues he used to work alongside. He's removed his 'Energy Non Crisis' DVD off his site. He's taken down his entire site get past the first half of the first instalment. Alex Jones is gonna have him on soon, and learn about the decimation of the American dollar and the razing of Arab wealth - either this is a cunningly sweet P.R. stunt or we're really fucked up as a race.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Yes, I understand the irony of the title, the Church of Atheism is coming to a brainwave pattern near you, to protect you from Demons and Gods alike. To help free you from the false left-right paradigm of global tyranny.

To teach (others) by frequent instruction or repetition, indoctrinate.
It's called Religious Education, and in one form or other each and every one of us has had our childhood eviscerated by this false dogma. There's a God in Heaven who loves you. Wrong. There is no God. There's only you, dear reader.

Shrewd or devious management, especially for one's own advantage.
Religious Education tells you when to get up, what to enjoy, how to contribute to daily existence. Anything that doesn't comply with the arbitrary demands of this invented group-control mechanism is judicially punished. Take your hand off the Bible in court, each and every one of us, we all know what's RIGHT OR WRONG. We don't need some religious dictator to keep beating us over the knuckles with it.

Obtuse or narrow-minded intolerance, especially of other races or religions.
Even Jesus cheers us on against the other side, right? Or whatever flavour of invented flag-bearer your religion epitomises... He's there, your saviour, the one who died for your sins (that don't exist) driving your feet through a blood-strewn battlefield, moving each and every footstep towards your doom FOR THE GREATER GOOD.

These three pin-pricks in the global agenda form the triangle of ULTIMATE POWER OVER YOU, the loyal Tax Payer. These three ideals are the reasons why Governments can coerce rational, peaceful citizens of our planet to stick rifle bayonets into enemy faces, rape and gas children, drop nuclear bombs from altitude.

The Capitalist regime, of course, has to continually make a profit and with the shiny-new-devious War On Terror mankind can be at war ad infinitum. The WAR ON TERROR is now the new Devil against which mankind must constantly strive by his physical participation in Fake Wars or the surrender of his civil liberties.

What brought this to a head, for me an already strident atheist, was the recent Olympic Games. People from around the world who (based on the war-mongering propaganda machines of east, west, north and south) should have been at each others' throats, baying for blood. What happened? Well, humankind just got on with living and loving and enjoying their existence. Proof that if you let people get on with living and educate them that this is their only time on planet Earth they can congribute something great, something truly positive to a tattering history.

Beware the real eugenics threat.

On this day, the 7th anniversary of the corporate atrocity known as 9/11, have only love for your fellow human beings. Worship no false Gods, the words are black and white in many religious tomes. All man's deic inventions/credoes/jurisdictions are 'False Gods'. Renounce all oragnised religions immediately. They're a cancer upon your moral fibre. Put no more gold into the coffers of the Church, the money lenders or the ruling elite.

The Church of Atheism isn't some elaborate place of worship, the Church of Atheism exists within each human, linked as we are to all our brothers and sisters.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


yes, you can have all the features of a full Adobe Photoshop suite on your iPhone

I art-laughed with all the geeks about this one

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Canadian woman in tech support hostage drama

Here's a crackin' news item that EVERYONE whose internet service just stopped working one day and the Internet Service Provider just didn't get its finger out to fix the line. I mean what is so fucking complicated that a DSL signal line-fix can take upwards of ONE CALENDAR MONTH???

Anyway, clearly I know nothing about how technically intense that button flicking job must be. Here's what happens when paid-up users don't get the service they're supposedly paying for:

Canadian woman in tech support hostage drama
A Canadian actress and playwright has been charged with holding a technical support member hostage after losing her internet connection.
Carol Sinclair lost her connection with ISP Aliant and, by her own account, spent days trying to get the line fixed.
"I was polite the first 20 times I talked to them. But each one gave me the same routine: 'Is the modem connected? Are the lights blipping?'," she told The Globe and Mail.
"And then each one would say: 'It should be working. The problem must be with your computer.' I was a little stressed. I had six days to do a month's work."
Finally Sinclair said she resorted to impersonating a man's voice and got a repairman sent out the next day, a "huge, strapping young man", 21 year-old David Scott.

read the rest of the story here