Wednesday, January 21, 2009

the council on foreign relations - the bilderberg group - a four state new world order

the air you breath, the water you drink, the home you live in, the company you work for, the mainstream media, your elected government, the sun that shines, global warming, coming ice age...

it's all part of the big spreadsheet and it all belongs to them...

they're known as THE BILDERBERG GROUP and you won't find it surprising that all elected US Presidents have been invited into the group, some before they're elected. All the kings and queens of the European Union are in it. World domination is their goal and YOU don't know about it. Until now.

Your planet is being run by this tyrannical mob of criminals for profit. That's why we now have global structures like the European Union, the African Union, the Asian Union and the North American Union. I mean, 'cos you gotta keep the world in disarrary and isolated factionalism so you can still make profit from your wars. It all makes sense when you follow the money.

Has anyone out there in internet1 done any research into this global group's extra-USA members and how other countries' policies are dictated down to them?

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