Friday, March 27, 2009

Gaza Day 17 - United Nations Relief and Works Agency

Yesterday, I got completely depressed by all this New World Order tyranny and the sponsorship of Israel in their slaughter of Gazan civilians. In this special interview from ex-BBC middle-east correspondent Afshin Rattansi, Christopher Gunness from the United Nations Relief and Works Agency talks about the dangers of delivering aid to the Gazans when all around them the war is inflicting casualties on his aid staff, vehicles and equipment. He tells of rockets 'coming in to populated areas from the sea' and one which destroyed the library of a small school. It's just a small library. But is it?

"A library is a resource of civilisation. A library is the intellectual future of a community. Destroying such can only breed ignorance. It isn't in the interest of anyone who believes in peace to have libraries burning down." wise words Christopher.

I share your shame at what one group of humans can do to another, without compunction.

March 26th update: The Guardian Newspaper is looking into the GAZA SLAUGHTER as testimony of an official war crimes investigation. The slaughter of thousands of innocent (trapped) civilians and the use of robotic machines, like unmanned drone planes and (as shown in in Afghanistan soone) Big Dogs, articulated killing machines from Terminator 2. Video editorial contains many an insult to humanity.

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