Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We Are Change - NY - the mass media will never investigate 911

Bob McIlvane lost his son at the north tower of WTC on September 11, 2001. His mission has become finding out the 911 truth. He went to all the 911 Commission hearings and he reports on the GateKeepers of the Government as covering up the truth.

We Are Change NY asks MSNBC’s Pete Williams about ,"NBC news doesn't pay me to have an opinion. If I were to have an opinion on any subject I cover, I wouldn't express it publicly." this is from a supposed JOURNALIST. He SHOULD be getting to the bottom of 911 so that criminals can be tried and the world can move on, not reading out the corporate press release from governments and banking elites.

BBC's Phil Haytor is asked to respond about his reporting of the WTC7 Saloman Brothers building coming down 40 minutes before it actually came down, "This sounds so significant, I'm just amazed I didn't know about this. I sense that you think there's a conspiracy here... you might be right." Here's the video:

Why is the mainstream media refusing to do their job? Oh, wait a minute, I realise the irony of that question. What I meant is Why is the mainstream media not pursuing its journalistic intergrity? Money? Corporate dictat? War on terror?

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