Saturday, March 28, 2009

Financial terrorists - Max Keiser - Pascal Salin - France 24

Invited guests independent financial analyst Max Keiser and economics professor Pascal Salin FACE OFF on France 24 about the financial crisis and the criminals and crimes at the root of the problem. Watch what Max Keiser has to say about the bonuses YOU THE TAX-PAYER contributed to the banking elite, specifically, "These guys are financial terrorists, they should be DECAPITATED."

I mean, he took a big breath before saying it, but he said it, and more, "They deserve to be punished in the harshest possible terms. Including DECAPITATION."

In summary, and after much goading by Max Keiser, Pascal Salin begrudgingly agrees that there's been a lot of chicanery in the financial sector and a return to real money like gold and silver makes more financial sense. With G20 demonstrations being held today in London, let's hope no-one takes Max Keiser to his word.

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Anonymous said...


Max ( ), whether diversionary or not, is right. Had the puppets not been so greedy and powermad, this mess could not have happened and the ‘Gold Standard’, of course, exposes the entire financial scam.

Puppet: Banksters, traders and their politicians are the most visible usurers and thieves, willfully raking millions off of society as a whole. They also pay the police and lawyers to protect themselves (with our money or ‘on credit’ with our future ‘taxes’), so the police, naturally, won’t or can’t bust them.

Though repellant and rapacious – they are, in fact, 'small fish' compared to their controlling far-less-visible ‘elites’ TRUSTS (*) who are hell-bent 'guiding' THEIR sheeple (us all) to our doom, with said puppets thinking they will be rich enough to be immune from the collective fate.

These puppets, complete with their irresistible / congenital avarice, are also known as (AKA) ‘useful idiots’ as the ‘perfect’ vehicle and deception to pull it all off.

The coming 'derivatives implosion' (estimated at over 1.2 quadrillion U$D and growing) is being delayed for as long as possible (via ‘stimulus packages’ – AKA bribes paid to the puppets, throwing good money after bad – as they always do) that is designed to complete the plans to retain total control. To: debilitate, incarcerate or eliminate – as many people as required to completely enslave humanity and maintain power indefinitely.

History relates that that violence, and lots of it – as a tool of oppression and distraction, will be the usual preferred method to implement the above plan(s).

(*) ELITE PRIVATE TRUSTS HOLDINGS: Vast and hidden ‘family estates’ with hundreds-of-trillions of dollars in ‘assets’ held in secret trust, created by generations of ‘arch-criminal’ robber barons, ‘owning’ ‘legal title’ to vast swathes of land and ‘resources’ (minerals, livestock and human ‘produce’) either on or under said land ‘title’.

What they do not say is USURY is fundamentally wrong and profoundly illegal under Sharia Law – which is the arch-enemy of the ‘New World Order’ controlling elites.