Wednesday, March 04, 2009 - staff book reviewer - keene - kirino

It's been a good year for book reviews, first cinema/literary/art site took me on as a staff reviewer where I've taken on such projects as Bill Hicks, Love All The People, Chuck Palahniuk, Snuff and Chuck Palahniuk, Rant.

Now horror cinema/books portal have gathered me under their stinking, slimy, bat wing and taken me on as a staff book reviewer. My leering countenance and self-gratiating bio will appear on their staff page at some point. Meanwhile, enjoy this literary filth:

My first review project for them was the very unpleasant Dark Hollow from Brian Keene.

My most recent review project is the much better Real World from Natsuo Kirino.

More to come at both venues through 2009 - stay tuned horror haters.

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