Tuesday, March 10, 2009

what does one TRILLION dollars look like?

well, you could wander over directly to the One Trillion Dollar page, or stay right here as I've copied the images across for y'all.

let me pre-empt this with a 2.3 Trillion dollars of Tax Payers money missingRumsfeld Newsflash from September 10th 2001 - yes, that is ONE DAY BEFORE 9/11. How quickly everyone forgot about that financial oversight, eh?

So, a trill' ... how sexy does that look?

One Hundred Dollar Bill.

Ten Thousand Dollars.

One Million Dollars.

One Hundred Million Dollars.

One Billion Dollars.

And, are you ready for this? We're talking about aproximately 10,000 CUBIC METERS of 100 dollar bills. ONE TRILLION DOLLARS.

And Rumsfeld lost 2.3 of those stock rooms full of cash. And when I say 'lost' you know what I mean, right? This is not only sloppy accounting, it's starting to look like a money-grabbing free-for-all.

Time to get real angry, people.

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