Thursday, June 18, 2009

Monsanto - Eugenics, the corporate agenda.

I used to say, "What squibs?" when talking about 9/11.
I used to say, "There's no corporate agenda to kill 5.5 BILLION PEOPLE on this planet, that's crazy."

But with the Baxter LIVE FLU influenza vaccine accident that nearly tore through Eastern Europe and the H1N1 global pandemic (when only a couple hundred people have died, and mass vaccinations of 'potentially the second part of the engineered virus') being corporately swung into action.

I gotta say, this additional footage about the MONSANTO MILK SCARE is just tipping me towards the unthinkable, that our authorities, those systems our government (we thought) put into place to protect us, ARE ACTUALLY WORKING DAY AND NIGHT TO FINISH US ALL OFF.

It's madness, I know. Watch the video then say that. This from the horse's mouth investigative team who unearthed, and then had quashed, the story:

I get the fear that Private Interests now run this planet - not governments - not people. Corporations. And we all know that as far as the corporations go, humanity is an item in a profit/loss account. We is screwed. Unless we do something about it.


Stienster said...

Yes, realizing the unthinkable takes some time and accrued evidence, but unfortunately, that realization comes. Your world is now changed forever. Your family and friends will start to either ignore you, or get that glazed-eyed stare while they politely endure your ranting. At some point soon, those who remain alive may come to understand that conspiracy theories aren't theories at all, but the unwinding of tightly wound layers of planned cause and effect hegelian dialective controls that propel evil into every niche of God's creation. We is indeed screwed.

muzuzuzus said...

I would just like to question the 'evil into every corner of God's creation' assumption given by previous commentor. With this uneblieveable attack on all of us, all animals, and nature itself from this ...mindset, I am saying there must be some drive behind this we seriously need to ackkowledge--because ignorance is NOT bliss.
So let us take this 'God' concept. It is coming from the Bible, and what does 'He' say to 'Adam' in the 'Beginning'? That he will have 'DOMINION' over everything! Is this psychopathic global control-freakery NOT connected with that mythic instruction? What you think? Is it not a dodgy religious indoctrination gone 'unconscious' in the secular mind which now believes It is 'God'? feel me?
So how to reolve these toxic roots. Please get aquainted with Goddess mythology (which the patriarchal 'God' mythos suppresses) and feminine critiques of andocentrism. Because doing so will reveal where this hate-filled drive is coming from---it is fear and hatred againt the feminine and her associated connection with nature.
Why else do you think HE wants to PATENT nature?
I think this is important to know, because whenever you want to pull out something you need to pull its ROOTS out!

Stienster said...

To me, it's 'simple': Yeheshua (Jesus) called God (The Creator of everything in the universe) "Our Father", so, I also call God 'Father', and 'Him/He'. Our Father is more of course than Male, than gender. He Is "I AM THAT I AM" much more specifically. The evil which runs this planet currently has been allowed by US to do as it wills, because we have believed it's ways over what Our Father has willed for us. There will be an end to the rein of evil on Earth, and it's fast approaching.