Friday, July 03, 2009

Anti Illuminati calls out Alex Jones

well the info_wars just continue, but whose side are WHO on?

Here's what Anti_Illuminati (who really needs to get himself and his message onto Howard Stern or something to get this shit out to the sheeple) had to say about Alex Jones RISKING YOUR LIFE. I've invited Anti to comment on these specific corporate NAMES by citing his sources and letting the people decide.

Alex Jones on his show, discussing sites that use website names that sound like his, "I’m Alex Jones. I’m me. You’re not me. You understand that? I’m risking my life for this. I’m real. That’s why I’m successful. You’re not me. Go be yourself. Go do your own thing."

Anti Illuminati: who got cut off a couple days ago phoning in to reveal this MEGA IMPORTANT data, "So, Alex you're risking your life--since you are, then why not risk it even more by completely going for broke? If you're not afraid to die, then reveal the following on air:

"1) The code phrase used by the NWO for their false flag terrorism is Effects Based Operations. Say that on the air--I was going to, but you cut me off.

"2) Mention Ptech, from your own mouth, never have you done this. Maybe you're afriad about what happened to Michael Corbin, maybe you found out about the 2 attempts of murder against Indira Singh (attempts as in letting her know that they're watching her, because they would have been successful if they had wanted to be.)

"3) With the undeniable evidence posted on this site, discuss the flu pandemic in the context of being part of a dual false flag agenda and discuss the intertwined cyber component which is just as important. Don't just say "they need to kill the Internet". I get told that I'm apprehensive and/or not articulate when pigeon hole crammed into a microcosm of time, but AJ has his own show and he can't go into any detail whatsoever other than "they're shutting it down now, the head of cyber security quit, etc." That is superficial, requires no discernment, no analysis, is not a result of reading 100's of pages of documentation to form such statements. Be responsible on all fronts, or if you aren't, then certainly don't poo-poo callers who you haven't had the time to personally vet because you're afraid they might be throwing out inaccuracies about critical things, and no one is allowed to really go into detail about anything that you have very minimal knowledge on because you want to sound like you pioneered the discovery yourself, or you think that your name is somehow on the line with respect to the viewpoints/statements of your callers.

"We all love to wait 3 hours on hold to get told to truncate our entire delivery into a "final point". Maybe when you lose the Internet and the entire US comes crashing down literally, you will remember that "final point" that you wanted me to make on the air as tens of thousands of people are being forcibly rounded up nationwide. Of course we can say "you've got the floor" to 2 women from the UK who suffered police brutality, which is terrible, but whose revelation of such does not hurt the NWO because there's already innumerable examples of that worldwide.

"Do that instead of having someone on the air trying to address FEMA, InfraGard, FBI, DHS, all police, etc. WHY "Interoperability" is a complete lie, how it has and how it will enslave everyone, and why exactly this makes all of the NWO pawn enforces slaves. Is it just me, or does no one else realize that if the people who served the NWO themselves actually realized that they were slaves also and that they were f*cked, that they would stop serving them and cause internal conflict, making their job harder? Do you think the NWO wants anyone to know (with proof) that false flag terror is actually engineered at George Mason University, and that the main individual behind the entire GIG enslavement, e-government, is Alexander H. Levis, who worked with Ptech's chief scientist, Dr. Hussein Ibrahim? That doesn't deserve the floor does it?

"'I risk my life, but I will never talk about SAIC, Object Management Group, James Rodney Schleisinger (MITRE), JWID/CWID (global official military tyrannical takeover interoperability/martial law drills), Booz Allen Hamilton (Andy Singer), Anser Institute of Homeland Security (Dr. Ruth A. David/Dr. Tara O'toole (Obama's news Undersecretary of science and technology for DHS, who participated in the black op brainwashing/conditioning bioterror exercise Dark Winter under John J. Hamre, the significance of which is that her appointment is a sick joke and is basically a hidden in your face message that the NWO is now fully intent on carrying out Dark Winter 2.0 with the RNA recombinant dual-release flu to form the 1918 virus in 2009.'

"'I risk my life, but I have publicly admitted that there are things that I will not talk about on the air.'

"Go for broke and g.t.f.o. with the drama. If you want to see what "being real" was, then you should listen to the shows that Lordssyndicate, Jordan, and myself did--where his firewall logs showed that we were being attacked in real time during two of those shows by MITRE, the Air Force, and several universities. Must be a coincidence and we must have been talking about non-important issues huh?" UNQUOTE

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