Sunday, July 19, 2009

a cete of badgers

out walking in the woods with Mrs P yesterday evening.

a few years ago, I'd briefly seen the silhouette of a single badger scurrying along ahead of us on the path before it darted into a hedge.

last night, spotted one coming out of its sett (I'll not reveal the location) very distinct black and white striped face, grey fur. We must have been in just the right position, just enough cover from pine trees, wind in just the right direction. It sniffed the air but didn't notice us, or wasn't afraid. Then a second appeared. A tussle. A scurry. Then three, four, five badgers milling around.

they all ended up in a circle, sat up like begging dogs, scratching at their tummies - all of them at the same time sharing this communal grooming moment.



Ben Newman said...

wow, that must have been great!
i've only ever seen one (live) badger, to see five at once would be fantastic.

Mike Philbin said...

well, yeah, it was weird, it was obviously the perfect time and place for that communal tummy-scratching moment. Strange poetry.