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False Flag Terror Watch - FEMA Drill NLE09 - July 27 2009

if I was at all in favour of WARS FOR PROFIT, I guess I'd be the first to advocate preparedness drills. This way, when a Corporate Army goes into some innocent territory to rape it for its resources, they'll have gone through the relevant scenarios time and time again and be the best FOR PROFIT killing machine there could possibly be.

But I'm not in favour of WAR FOR PROFIT; in fact, I'd call such an abomination in the eyes of God (and that's from a devout atheist). The big thing I've not yet mentioned is that NEL09 is of EVEN MORE IMPORTANCE AND CONCERN to those UN nations outside the USA where (so the initiation of the drill goes) a MAJOR TERRORIST EVENT happens.

Now, on the day of September 11th 2001 AND July 7th 2005 and March 11th 2004 there were military preparedness drills going on that were NEAR IDENTICAL to the 'terrorist' actions that took place that day. This is what some critics have called False Flag Terrorism, where a political advantage can be orchestrated for future legislation by coercing public opinion with such an atrocity against the people.

This post is the first in a series of Flase Flag Terror Watching - here's Jane Burgermeister's latest piece concerning the mock U.N. invasion of the States in three days' time - FEMA Drill NLE09. One wonders if (with the US troops dispersed to Iraq and Afghanistan) those foreign UN troops will ever return to their homes or are they destined to stay in the States to manage the decimation of that continent.

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This morning I contacted the German army (Bundeswehr) and am preparing to send them directly a summary of the reasons, evidence and arguments why I believe the entire German population, like the US, and Austrian and Irish, French and Polish — indeed the entire world — population is in extreme danger from these WHO mandated vaccines.

These “vaccines” are classified as bioweapons under EU and US law. They are to contain substances proven to be toxic for a virus proven to come from a lab. The bioweapon vaccines are to be produced by Baxter, Novartis and GSK and forced on the world’s people by WHO in a pandemic emergency under the International Health Regulations 2005.

The Rockefellers and Rothschilds through their agents in governments (such as John Rockefeller) and in institutional investment funds (such as Arlene Rockefeller) have been systematically funneling billions of dollars into this “private” bioweapons programme since the S.666 bioweapons Senate Bill of 2003.

Baxter, Novartis and GSK sit on the vaccine advisory board of WHO. Two WHO memos from 1972 prove that WHO has been working on turning vaccines into killers using injections first to weaken the immunse system, then to load it with a live virus, and then to cause inflammation and a cytokine storm.

I note that German troops are to be used in the “martial law” exercise by the FEMA and Homeland Security, controlled by WHO interests, which is to be carried out on American soil on July 27th, and which looks very much like a take over of the USA.

I can assure all Americans, no German soldier who knows what is really going on will be ready to participate in this planned take over and genocide in FEMA camps of a freedom-loving people and a free county based on the rule of law according to the US Constitution and no German, Austrian or Irish soldier who knows what is going on will be ready to be misused by WHO, the Rockefellers and Rothschilds to provide the military cover for FEMA to commit genocide while their own people are being given the same toxic injections in autumn.

Read the rest of it HERE.

Here's a letter that's been sent out to all American troops involved in FEMA NEL09:

To our fellow Americans in the United States Military,

In Law Enforcement,

And who serve as First Responders,

We have reason to believe that the joint NorthCom counterterrorism exercises commencing on July 27, 2009 in Region VI involving troops from the United Nations, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and Mexico, may endanger the sovereignty and general welfare of the United States, as well as that of your families and yourselves.

These combined military exercises are a questionable show of force against a terrorist threat that probably actually consists of the UN and its client national governments forcing this military action upon the American people.

Further, these exercises involving UN troops are timed to coincide with a pandemic emergency exercise organized by FEMA, Homeland Security and the World Health Organization (WHO), an agency of the UN.

We are concerned about the intersection of these combined military exercises with what we feel is a spurious declaration by the UN’s World Health Organization (WHO) of a Level 6 pandemic of H1N1 influenza.

We believe this could lead to mandated genocide via lethal mass vaccination of the American people and other peoples of the world, resulting in unprecedented profit for the international bank-based criminal syndicate that presently controls the UN, its WHO, and their client national governments, including that of the United States.

Especially since members of the military are part of the population most at risk for such mandated vaccination programs, as well as being those most likely to have to enforce them, we would appreciate if you would be alert to the activities of Homeland Security and FEMA, federal agencies answerable to the WHO and the UN in the United States, under the International Partnership on Avian and Pandemic Influenza signed by President George W. Bush in November 2005.

This 2005 semi-secret international agreement renders the government of the United States and its relevant laws and statutes, as well as our Constitution and Bill of Rights, subservient to the authority of the United Nations and its World Health Organization.

Both the NorthCom counterterrorism exercises and Homeland Security/FEMA drills will be coordinated by the UN and the WHO respectively, possibly providing the international bank-based controllers of the WHO and UN with an opportunity to covertly take over the our nation and eliminate most of the population of the United States by means of a federally-mandated program of lethal vaccination accompanied by one of federally-mandated detention for those exercising their constitutional right to refuse such vaccinations.

We ask you to stand by the Constitution and the American people at all times and, if necessary, to actively intervene if there are signs that FEMA and Homeland Security units following orders from the UN/WHO are misusing these combined military exercises to begin mass arrests and mass vaccinations.

Thank you for your work in service to your country, and for your consideration.

Your fellow patriot.

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