Sunday, July 26, 2009

THE KISSINGER REPORT - Global Depopulation Agenda - December 10 1974

click ABOVE to read THE(declassified)KISSINGER REPORT - Global Depopulation Agenda - December 10 1974 and KNOW that the drop in male fertility since 1970s is no accident. There are two elements of this that stick out for me:

1) give Africa AIDS so that they'll employ a CONTRACEPTIVE dependency and bring down the population (which then, unfortunately, infects the world with AIDS)?

2) pay women in LDC to have abortions (but this then becomes a form of income for those women).

3) I really hope someone tests the W.H.O. mandatory A-H1N1 vaccine for global sterilisation potential.

But, the vast number of Fertilitiy Clinics all around the world trying to cope with this 'downturn of both number and motility of sperm' in the global population, suggest that not all Health Authorities are privy to the (above) Kissinger Report on Global Population Control. But how are they achieving this?

Environmental factors?

Chemicals known as xeno-oestrogens, or oestrogen mimics, became the number one suspect. Xeno-oestrogens were suspected because of their tendency to mimic the female hormone oestrogen, hence the alternative name. Found in shrink-wrap, pesticides, herbicides, solvents and some drugs, these substances were suspected because of the effects they had on animal reproductive systems. Source [Irish Health]

There's also ANABOLIC STEROID usage to bulk up beef cattle (which weaken our immune systems) and OESTROGEN in dairy cattle to up the milk yield (which demasculinise males). I mean, what corporate insanity is this, if not a global Eugenics agenda?

Evidently, there's a real pandemic of conflicting evidence out there. On the one hand you've got THE KISSINGER REPORT saying there's too many of us and on the other hand we've got attempts to INCREASE fertility and a recent report suggests artificial sperm has been made in the laboratory. Maybe it's just a simple question of numbers... some statisticians have done soem maths and arrived at a basic conclusion; any Global Government can't govern a population of more than 7 billion people.

We want the TRUTH right now, no more fucking about with global chess games and corporate PROFIT CHASING during the Controlled Demolition of the Human Race. Come out with it. Reveal your diabolical agenda.

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