Wednesday, July 22, 2009


is humanity entrenched in a CorporateSoulWar CorporateTerrorWar CorporateBioWar CorporateDisclosureWar CorporateFinanceWar CorporateJusticeWar with the ruling government of its relative global region?

You The People (yes, all six billion of you around the world!) should pester the mainstream media for an official NATIONAL REPORT THE NEWS DAY. You know it's not gonna happen any time soon, but it would be nice.

are we still, after thousands of years of organised society, in the middle of a God war? Think the Spanish Inquisition ended in teh fifteenth century? Is it even legal to admit you're an atheist these days? Are you only safe if you SELL YOUR SOUL to the corporate flavour of god THEY WANT YOU TO WORSHIP? Why can't we just stop trying to convince mankind that he's part of some stupid story written a few thousand years ago as a fire-side story? Why do we need people to believe this shit? Well, then they're easy to control.

are we in the middle of a Fascist take over of the West involving the United Nations and North American Union? What was the real reason for the corporate war events 9/11 New York, 7/7 London, 11/3 Madrid, the Bali Bombings, the Mumbai attack if not to subjugate millions of people under a few FOR PROFIT rulers via the Surveillance State and Private Police firms? What is the Final Solution for this continued assault on the Common Man?

are we in the middle of a Eugenics war on this dumb-ass planet? We actually have corporations (working with the 'best minds on the planet' in Universities across the globe) who're PATENTING VIRUSES for use as bioweapons. Are AIDS or A-H1N1 or SodiumFluoride or ChemTrails or Anthrax or the rest of 'em just some bioweapon that was/will be deployed on humanity at some points in our past or future? I don't understand why humanity doesn't know it's in the sights of these monsters. Why it can't understand its peril.

are we in the middle of a UFO-scam that's just as sick and twisted as the Victorian table-tipping scam? Are the general public just puppets for Global Government to pull the strings of? Have there actually been any real alien abductions or is there an actual drug-powered abduction con being pulled on humanity? There are trillions of dollars disappearing into corporate black holes and no one's keeping track of the money trail - I fear that when we Audit The Fed we're gonna find a whole lotta GAMEs being funded in the name of global deception.

are we still ruled by the European Royal Families? I mean, there's serious debate that the Canadian parliament still has to ask our Queen Elizabeth if they can pass a new law. And doesn't the Queen still open UK parliament every year? What's this gotta do with a corporate finance war? Well, think about it, who owns the water that you drink, the air that you breathe, the land you build your house on? The global corporations who are the real power on this planet are owned by the same people who used to more-visibly represent the Royal Houses of Europe through the centuries.

why do we have so many USEFUL MEMBERS OF SOCIETY in prisons, doing NOTHING for society? What? They're criminals, Mike, how dare you say 'release the jailed'. It's insane. Is it? Well, these guys obviously have such an amount of TALENT at what they do, it took a concerted effort from many members of (sometimes a national) police force to convict them of a 'crime'. Surely, it'd make more sense to Super Nanny these creative and individual members of society in a pro-active way rather than locking the stable door - the corporate horse has already bolted.

additionally, I'd let this guy edit NATIONAL REPORT THE NEWS DAY each year - he'd get to the bottom of things (though there may be some superficial baseball injuries for those global elites investigated).

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