Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Neutron Bomb - Sam Cohen - Trinity and Beyond.

Sam Cohen talks about his invention, the neutron bomb. Teaser for an upcoming documentary by Peter Kuran (Trinity and Beyond - the atomic bomb movie). Just look at Sam's pride as he talks about his clever invention, the way it totally disintegrates the enemy within a 1,000 yard radius. That's all fine and dandy, right? Ethical even.

Imagine this being used on the new enemy, the awakened sheeple peacefully protesting who must be eliminated to minimise dissident infestation during the teething pains of the New World Order. Imagine your friends and neighbours in your offices, towns and cities (within a matter of minutes) vomiting their guts out and their heads bursting. Not possible?

Well, retired U.S. Army Captain Eric May, a former intelligence and public affairs officer, believes that the U.S. military did use neutron weapons in the Battle of Baghdad in April 2003. The former head of the Iraqi Republican Guard, Saifeddin al-Rawial-Rawi recounted how the bombs dropped “annihilated soldiers, but left the buildings and the infrastructure of the airport intact.”

Oh, the (WMD) irony.


Anonymous said...

This guy makes me sick. It takes extreme ignorance, not genius, to invent something like this.

clareswinney said...

Oh my goodness. How callous he was. The mindset is quite chilling to say the very least. Thanks for posting it Mike - that was interesting.

Mike Philbin said...

well, the triple-chill is the accusation of WMDs being used in the Battle of Baghdad.

I know, the fog of (info)war, and all that but...