Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Nursery Water - the toxic fluoridation issue

Now, I can't believe I'm reading this. Why, Mike, why can't you believe that they're putting FLUORIDE in Nursery Water.

How can you even ask me that? Fluoridation in drinking water is ONLY to benefit tooth rot for people who are TOO FUCKING LAZY to brush their teeth (with a non-fluoride toothpaste) every day. Look at this crazy Eugenics shit - HINT: babies have no teeth yet. And there's lots of evidence of brain toxicity for fluoride coming out now. There's lots of evidence that dental fluorosis is showing detrimental effects of bone, also.

Look, you obviously don't trust me, and water is already being fluoridated in several parts of England, added by the local authority, without those residents knowing about it I bet. According to the FLUORIDE ACTION NETWORK, water shouldn't be fluoridated, EVER. Let's hear it from a Nobel Laureate in Medicine, three scientists from the National Research Council's landmark review on fluoride, as well as dentists, medical doctors, and leading researchers in the field, the following video is a powerful indictment of the water fluoridation program.

I mean, here's the SCIENCE LAB definition of sodium fluoride. The substance may be toxic to kidneys, lungs, the nervous system, heart, gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system, bones, teeth.

Still think Eugenics is a conspiracy theory? Better start waking up, sleeple.

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