Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Chris Matthews Interviews Gun Carrying American from Obama Town Hall

MSNBC host of HARDBALL, Chris Matthews interviews William Kostric, the FBI-ear-piece wearing, "it's time to water the tree of liberty" sign-carrying man who had a 9mm handgun strapped to his thigh at an Obama Town Hall meeting on Health Care.

Ron Paul supporter, William Kostric is a married man in his mid 30s who works in sales. He says he moved here to New Hampshire from Arizona about a year ago, because it's a "live free or die" state -- and he thought Arizona was becoming too restrictive with its gun laws.

Chris Matthews, maybe it's his confrontational style, came across as a bit of a dick, giving Kostric a pressured cross-examination. Matthews even said, "Goddamn." on National Television - tut tut. William kept his cool, exposed the Left-Right paradigm, over-taxation and restated his Constitutional Rights in a very professional manner.

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