Saturday, August 01, 2009

Chris Rimmer - NO2ID Oxford

had a quick chat this morning to Chris Rimmer of the Oxford branch of NO2ID who were demonstrating on Cornmarket Street, Oxford.

No2ID is a non-partisan group opposed to the introduction of compulsory ID cards and the national Identity Register (NIR) as recently passed by the current Government. The Oxford group is a like minded group from across the political spectrum. We campaign locally to inform the people of Oxfordshire of the dangers of this scheme and to lobby our local MPs and councils to oppose the introduction of the database state.

If the ID card scheme comes to fruition ALL YOUR ACTIVITY as a consumer and potential dissident will be logged, and cross-referenced to discover the terrorist networks. All these activities may be associated with you. Even if you didn't do it. Even if you weren't there.

Readers of this blog will remember the RFID Cloning post. Even if they can assure the security of any IDcard, there's still the October 2009 biowar threat of, "How many mandatory A-H1N1 vaccines have you had, perp?"

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