Friday, August 28, 2009

The Global Information Control Grid, False Flag Terror and 9/11.

James Corbett and Anti_Illuminati chit chat about the coming apocalypse...

Investigative journalist and Prison Planet forum guru "Mark" aka Anti-Illuminati joins James Corbett of The Corbett Report to discuss the information control grid and the PTech-like enterprise architecture behind it. From OODA loop and C4I to GIG and SAL, Anti_Illuminati breaks down the elements of the planned cyber terror false flag. All the documents cited in this interview can be accessed by clicking the links below.

CLICK HERE to download the podcast, and listen locally.

Ptech built Supply Chain Infrastructure - Destruction of Free Market

Resigned Cybersecurity "chief" to be used as scapegoat for 2009 false flag?
A personal message for Booz Allen Hamilton, Jay Rockefeller & the NCOIC
Barnett-Air Force Research Lab-OODA Loop-SAIC, Pentagon VPN Red Team
Ptech CONFIRMED-Booz Allen, *False Flag Warning* to usher in Internet2/GIG
FAA-NIAC-NAS-USAF ALL DoD Systems deliberately setup to be False Flag Hacked
9/11- Schlesinger MITRE Hanscom ESC CAASD GIG Infrastructure
Do you have any evidence of 9/11 being an Inside Job?
Internet2 is about enabling AI weapons for genocide, Full Spectrum Dominance
CAESAR III, Temper, Pythia, Data Fusion Ptech AI wargame C2 process modeling

mental health warning: this is really sensitive stuff that might affect your perspective. Unless you want to AWAKEN from your corporate slumber, don't listen to this information. Don't read about how NETWORK CENTRIC WARFARE is terrorism. Just stay docile. Watch more TV. Drink more beer. Work for the man. Die whenever they say so.

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