Thursday, August 06, 2009

Obama - Joker - Los Angeles

there's a bit of a racist buzz going around the internet about this image being plastered all over Los Angeles by some fucking dissident who should be in Guantanamo suffering under corporate thugs 24/7.

The Original Obama Joker Image

There's been lots of nonsense reported about this image. Is it about Uncle Tom and the black man who sold his brothers down the drain? Is it a defammatory black 'n' white minstrel show image that belittles President Obama's African lineage. Is it because popstar Michael Jackson is a black man with flaking white skin, a corporate sheep in wolf's clothing? Well, let's look at the actual provenance of this image and stop being whining cunts stirring up a racist shit storm.

Althought there are several less-competent bastardisations of this 2006 TIME MAGAZINE cover floating around the net, this bill-posted-all-over L.A. version was originally Photoshop'd by and uploaded to Flickr by Chicago student Firas Khateeb in January 2009 when Obama stepped into his Presidential slippers. If you look closely at the SOCIALISM image, you can still see the corroborative date October 23 2006.

There's been lots of talk of this mystery artist. Well, what the fuck's happened to journalism. I found this stuff out all on my little lonesome using a search engine. Without corporate media holding my hand or trying to rabble rouse the races against each other. I'm really sickened by these Government Propaganda Services posing as News Services. You think I'm wrong, dont you. You think, "Oh, Philbin thinks he's so smart, BECAUSE HE'S A WRITER." No, I'm smart because I'm not sucked in by NewsCorp and the other propaganda poop chutes.

In summary, and this might surprise one or two of you corporate journalists who'd rather distract the people with a manufactured race riot than get to the bottom of an issue of cultural, merely artistic, relevance. We don't wanna get to a stage where creativity is deemed anti-Government and we start rounding up the artists like they always do throughout history. Let's hear it from khateeb88 himself:

Obama the Joker
Not indicative of my political views.
I'm really surprised at how this image has been taken and reproduced and the media coverage it's getting. I'm even more surprised so many outlets (CNN, Fox News) haven't figured out who the "mystery artist" is. All you need to do is a quick google image search on "Obama Joker" and you find the original!

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