Monday, August 10, 2009

Paul Pantone - GEET - freedom

you all remember my post about incarcerated GEET inventor Paul Pantone?

Well, GEET = Global Environmental Energy Technology and since gaining his freedom mid-May this year, Paul Pantone and many of his supporters have been quickly accelerating GEET toward a manifested global availability.

Weeks ago, on the Coast to Coast AM radio show, Paul announced he is extending free license for anyone to build a GEET of any size, for personal use (one per household), so everyone can experience the benefits of GEET.

His recent appearance at the ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico is planned to be his only public appearance this year. Paul plans to teach 4 classes of 25 students each, to take place during the next 4 months. He will then completely dedicate himself to research and development to achieve the higher GEET performance applied to any-and-all varieties of fuel-burning equipment, but even more so to understand the plethora of phenomena which GEET is revealing.

Education on building and installing the systems, as well as understanding the science, will continue to be provided by the GEET International Institute in the Netherlands, and other GEET International Institutes which will be opening successively across the globe.
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