Sunday, August 30, 2009


So, what's this TOTAL CYBER PARANOIA all about? Surely, we want more secure online services? Nowt wrong wi' that, right? So, okay, I'll add this comment from IT Solutions Architect, Virtualization Expert, Project Manager and Systems Administrator in some pretty large corporations, Joshua Harris about an impending cyber 9/11:

I pointed out flaws in ARIN's SWIP process to them and the FBI in 2002 even and never heard back about it... I wrote a letter that I will attempt to dig up describing end to end how some one could at the time and still even now fake a dns host resolution send an e-mail and SWIP entire blocks of IPs to who ever they wanted... This could in effect be done just long enough (without someone noticing ..) to convince some unknowing person to announce oh say sprint ... and knock entire ISPs offline.

At the time I told every one I knew at the time about it, and I never heard back from the FBI or ARIN... However I noticed that between 2003 and 2005 all of the border routers crossing over to other countries all of a sudden had filters to prevent IP Hijacking from coming from outside of the US bound for any US network. This is already there... They already have filters that prevent anything from coming from the outside of the US to successfully execute this attack...

Setting the stage for a major false flag by home grown terrorists/hackers, an attack that will affect anything hooked to the power grid essentially... So anything that doesn't have a manual switch like a light switch must be unplugged ... or shut off on a breaker panel ...

They will then conveniently blame it on homegrown terrorists - knowing the public has no clue that the only ones capable are the government. Think about those switching terminators they put in every power meter as mandated by federal law a couple years back... Remember DARPA used power lines to communicate between facilities before they used anything else ... That was back in the 50s and 60s even ! It's a lot faster than fiber but if they told the public then everyone would know how damning the FCC compliance laws are in exposing what they can really do with DARPAnet....

Now here they set the stage showing how they jump through their own INTENTIONAL backdoors so some one else could do the same. Thereby setting the stage and convincing the sheeople we are vunerable so they buy the load of crap they try to sell them about this next major false flag.

And as a final sexy send off, how about this CWID (Coalition Warriors Interoperability Demonstration). What's that mean? Well, a GLOBAL ARMY, from the army general to the cop on the street. So, you've got a global army linked on a global army network that You The People are allowed to use under a very limited access to a very limited number of state-sponsored sites. Oh, and it makes it easier to run CYBER FALSE FLAGS like turning off the Smart Grid at their whim.

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